…aka Baileys Biscotti Milkshakes! 

Believe me when I say, these are the most decadent, delicious, naughty little cocktails you’ll ever make.

Perfect for a snuggly night in by the fire, or a great new desert for your dinner party. 

We’ll be serving ours along side Christmas pudding this year, for those of us who don’t like the traditional brandy soaked affair (me). 

To make 4 BBMs, you’ll need: 

6 scoops of good quality vanilla ice-cream,

10 (25mls) shots of Baileys gorgeous new Biscotti flavour,

5 ice cubes (or just a handful),

1 glass of milk,

1 can of whipped cream,

Good quality chocolate for grating. 

10 shots sounds like a lot, but remember it’s split between 4 people and a standard measure of Baileys in the pub is 50mls. 

Scoop all of your ingredients (other than the chocolate) into a blender and give it a good blitz! 

When it’s well & truly blended, pour your shakes into 4 tall glasses. 

Top with whipped cream & shave some chocolate over the top, using a grater or even a peeler. 

Serve with a straw and a smile! 

If you want some of my candy cane badboys, you can find them here. 

REMEMBER: Friends don’t let friends drink alone! 

Happy slurping! 


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