Christmas Eve Shoot

Today was the annual Christmas Eve shoot. 

I’m home in Somerset for the holidays, so I donned my old Barbour, my favourite blue Hunters and my new utter obsession, my Billingham camera bag! 

It is the king of camera bags. 

I grew up wanting to be a photojournalist and travel to war zones around the world. (Strange kid.)

My all time hero was Don McCullin & when I met him, he signed my treasured copy of his book & said all you need is a scrappy attitude & a Billingham bag. 

I never forgot it & while my photographic intentions may have faded with the invention of camera phones… my craving for a Billingham didn’t. 

Kingsdon has always been my family’s favourite shoot, a long walk through the blustery woods, followed by a huge roast lunch, cheese & a few too many mince pies. 

I love London, but Somerset is the ultimate antidote. 

I’m so happy to be home! 


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