A few people have asked me where I got the shoes I wore to the Cartier Polo match
last week

(These ones)

I had completely forgotten to tell you about the utterly fantastic company who sent them to me.
I didn’t get a chance to blog about them before my excitement took over and I just had to slip into them and scuttle off to the polo.
They’re from a new online fashion co. called
Stylist Pick
You go on to the site and are asked to answer a series of questions about your style, tastes and personal trends.
Once you’ve completed this, you’re given your style profile.
This is mine-

A team of stylists, including Grace Woodward, Louise Roe & Arabella Greenhill (senior fashion editor at Marie Claire) then pick out what they think you might like.
Your stylist picks are then displayed in your showroom, you choose what you like and they send it to you… for… wait for it… ÂŁ39.95.
Ok, so they’re not quite upto Louboutin standard, but at that price, who’s complaining?
Postage & returns are free, so if you don’t like them you can always send them back.
My favourite bit?
The packaging-

A beautifully hand tied, shiny black box, delivered to your door, every month.
Every girl’s dream.

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