The Great Escape

This weekend we packed up our trunks and headed off to the circus. 

We went to The Great Escape, a boutique festival in Sussex. 

As a Glastonbury baby through & through (I started going when I was 4 and a half), I’m used to sprawling fields with tens of thousands of people, huge headline acts and long hedonistic nights & days.  

So the idea of a party set up in the garden of a country house in Sussex, was a little beyond me. 

But our friends gave us rave reviews and explained that it was all for charity, so we all set off with our fancy dress, our tiny tent and our wellies. 

We had the most wonderful time. 

All the food and drink you could manage was included in the ticket price, so you could wonder around without a care in the world. 

I spent most of my evening draped over a vintage armchair next to the fire, chatting to tigers and dancing girls while the bands played to revelers dancing under the stars. 

Sadly, I don’t have any pictures past sunset, as my camera was safely tucked up in my sleeping bag… but hopefully the pictures I did get will give you a good idea of our time there. 

and then comes… the morning after…

At 10am we scuttled out of our tent and made our escape back to London, while the rest of the circus were still dancing in the woods. 

Trust me when I say, boutique festivals are the way forward. 

When you take away the commercial aspect, all your left with is a group of like minded people who want to dance the night away and have a good time. 

And yes, I wore the top hat all the way home.

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