Desperately seeking

About 6 months ago, my best friend, my sister from another mr, my female counterpart… left me.
Somewhat selflessly, she has moved over to Sweden to take care of her grandparents who are otherwise, all alone.
Now before you start getting all doe-y eyed and clutching your heart at her kindness, keep this in mind, she left ME behind.
How am I supposed to survive without the best half of my double act?

We met on the first day of university. 

I was early (as usual) and Valentina walked up to me and asked for a light, for her cigarette.

Supposedly I looked at her like a wet dog asking for a cuddle, but quickly remembered I was new, apologized and started a conversation, based on our mutual new-ness. 

It turned out we were on the same course and quickly headed inside to play on the computers before our induction. 

The obligatory Facebook friendship was suggested, and we dutifully stalked each others photos, asking questions and gushing compliments.

V came across a photo of me and my then boyfriend and exclaimed excitedly, “Oh, is that your father?”

one of many spectacular foot-in-mouth comments she would continue to amuse me with throughout our friendship. 

We did everything together. 

The usual… partying, shopping, watching movies, skipping lectures.

The slightly less usual… online fantasy role play games, making youtube comedy videos (no they’re not still up, so please don’t look), mastering Call of Duty… 

The list of our strange behaviour is endless so I wont bore you with the details. 

Needless to say, I’d found my soulmate and we could discuss shoes. 

What more could a girl want? 

(Pretending to be vampires in our gowns, obviously.)

I miss her terribly, and am in need of a substitute best friend. 

If you know somebody who’s kind, funny, sharper than a bee’s behind and slightly strange, please tell them to get in touch. 

I’m quite a good friend, I bake, I have an enormous wardrobe which I’m happy to share (even the Louboutins, if you’re gentle), I’ll take nice photos of you, dance on tables with you and leave enough room in my bed if you ever need to stay over. 

When V finally returns to her rightful home (*ahem* London), we can join forces and become the best trio the world has ever seen! 

Please tell your friends, there’s a sad girl in London town, desperately seeking a soulmate. 


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