Something unexpected and mildly terrifying has happened.
I seem to have…*sigh*… grown up.
I know, I know. Save your sympathy. It’s too late for me.
I’m a goner.
It’s something that seems to have happened over night, last time I checked I would walk into a news agents and head to the fashion/gossip magazines like a wag to a Rolex… but now, I find myself wondering to the ‘Home’ section.
Housewife central, full of ways to update your bathroom, flower arranging for beginners, heathy recipes and how to make a splash at your next dinner party.
I sit in the back of cabs, gazing wistfully out of the window and catch myself thinking about table cloths and centre pieces.
I have no idea how this has happened, but I’ve decided to embrace it.
Say hello to my dream home board.
This is my inspiration for the home(s) I will live in when I grow up.. physically.. as mentally I’m clearly already in my 50’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I still drool my way around Harvey Nicks and have my next dream bag lined up (a Smythson Clutch in blue), and don’t get me started on the Louboutin windows which were updated this morning…

And did you see what Kate Middleton wore to the races this weekend?

Ok, perhaps I shouldn’t pack my Saga holiday bag just yet.

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