Roasted garlic guacamole & serrano ham on toast

You have to believe me when I say that this is the snack of the century.

Salty, crunchy, gooey and it’s good for you.
The Diet Coke I generally choose to wash it down with mightn’t be quite so good… but that’s an entirely different story.
Next time you want a movie snack to share or a light lunch for one, try this out.
Bung a couple cloves of garlic in the oven (skin on) with a tiny bit of olive oil until they’re crisp. Squeeze out the rich insides and mix into roughly mashed avocado.
Add a generous squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of rock salt.
I also like to add a few splashes of
smoked Tabasco
, but that’s down to personal taste.
Scoop the mixture onto toasted sourdough bread and then pile the best Jamon Serrano you can find on top.
If you’re feeling particularly decadent, serve in bed with a large glass of wine.


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