Winter Woolies

It is most certainly too early to be thinking about Christmas jumpers.

We still have time to choose advent calendars, pyjamas and knitwear with antlers and fuzzy red noses.


I spied a certain little something yesterday that I just couldn’t wait for! I’m thinking of it as a pre-Christmas jumper. Something for that limbo between Halloween and Christmas, on into Christmas and beyond!

Soldier jumper

Skinny jeans

Velvet shoes (in case of sell out, try these)

And yes, I bought the matching mug.

Not too seasonal.

Just the right balance of classic Britishness with a light dusting of festive whimsy.

Velvet shoes to match the velvet Chesterfield sofa.

Though I think I’ll pair the jumper with red wellies when the weather really turns!

I’m going to try and squeeze in a few more of these mini fashion posts along side some more recipes.

You asked, I’ll deliver!

Any more requests, just let me know in the comments below.

Now for the real question, when is it appropriate to start advent shopping?

Ps. While finding the links for you, I found these. Oh my… I have to go and move up the wedding.

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  • Sarah-Jane

    Hi Rose, love the jumper! I would love to see some home decor ideas on the blog. The little snippets of your home in posts are lovely and always provide some inspiration.

    • Ahh this is a great idea! Is this your home? Because I seriously love that sofa although it must have been quite a bold choice? And the blue urns in the background are cool too!


  • Claire

    Interior post would be fab! You’re place looks great!

  • Emily Waterhouse

    Also try ViBi Venezia for velvet pumps!

  • love your jumper sooo much!
    Miki x

  • Emily

    Apartment tour! Love Notting Hill.

  • Rach

    This post screams Christmas! How cute is that sweater and mug!

  • Love the jumper and these mini posts! How bout a house tour!

  • Health and fitness posts! I love your anti-diet and quick home workout.

  • Eva

    Yes please to more interior, Rose! Already following your Pinterest and love the snippets we see of your house on snapchat and in some blogpost:)

  • Emily

    Interior posts would be fab!!! Xx

  • I want this jumper for christmas!! 🙂

  • Jet

    I think more events would be nice or day trips…but that’s just what I like to read about, I like all the suggestions about interiors too I just don’t think my bank balance can handle it haha,

  • Your sweater is adorable and I love the little mug too! Totally adorable especially with those shoes!


  • It screams Christmas but I love it.

  • In love with the blue velvet shoes!

  • I’m obsessed with that jumper, it’s the cutest things! And the velvet flats…<3

  • Mary Fremeau

    This is sooooo cute! I love this sweater (jumper?!) so much! Adorable!

  • Love the Ps.! I’m pretty sure most of us long-time readers can’t wait to see a baby Londoner.

  • Phoebe

    Rosie, how do you keep your shoes (and clothes) in tip top condition with all the rain that UK brings?

  • Lovely post. There’s never a right time to advent shop. I always buy advent calendars before December and end up eating the whole thing before December starts…tragic! I’d love to see more food and stuff to in London xxx

  • Hi Rosie!! What a beautiful jumper!! 🙂 I received recently an ironic and negative email about my blog and since it is the first one I was a bit shocked and sad… It was not written on the comments area, but it was send to me on the blog`s email. I did not respond yet and I am not really sure on how to do it or if I should ignore it. Any tips on how to deal with such kind of communication? Thank you in advance! Marianthi xo

  • Would love some photography tips posts, please!

  • It’s such a lovely little homely post! Would love to see more of these between big travels or fashion/restaurants recommendations. The jumper is so cute but there were the velvet shoes that got me! 😉

  • Kat

    It’s never too early for anything Christmas related. How about a post on the best holiday shop displays and street decor in London? For those of us who (sadly) won’t have a chance to see it in person.
    I’ve also been hoping for a house tour, like so many others.
    I hope you keep doing your book posts, as well as posts on London. (Your restaurant suggestions never disappoint!)

  • Emily

    I enjoy reading each one of your posts. X Emily

  • Those velvet shoes are amazinggggg!!!!! So pretty and perfect for the holidays.


  • How about showing us more of your décor? Would love a home tour!

  • I love the jumper! I just got a new Christmas jumper and I just want it to be that time of year! I’m too impatient

  • That jumper is so cute – I can’t wait to get all my festive jumpers out!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Cruelty-Free/Vegan Beauty • Lifestyle • Photography

  • Amazing jumper! I can see why you love it so much and it looks fab next to the mug <3

    Gem xx
    The Gem Agenda – A UK Fashion, Food & Lifestyle Blog

  • Gorgeous post – I love everything here! The jumper, the mug, the shoesies, the interiors… I want it all! Really lovely!


  • Alex

    Rosie, your place looks gorgeous! Would you mind doing a post on your design choices and tips? They would be great!