Sakura Season, London

I’ve always wanted to visit Japan for Cherry Blossom Season.

I thought that this spring was going to be the year, I’d done all the research and was set to book… when I found out that a couple of months is not enough notice.

You really need to plan about a year in advance it seems.

Hotels get booked up months in advance as the whole world flocks to the island of Sakura.

I can hardly get my head around planning my wedding a year in advance, never mind a holiday!

Thankfully my disappointment was short lived, as London seems to be treating us to our very own sakura festival!

Petals fall from trees fit to bust in blizzards, showering passers by in confetti.

Much to their delight!

Wearing my lucky Silver May Constellation.

Striped eyelet top // Skinny jeans

And a new basket from Portugal.

I discovered this shop online and agonised over which to choose.

God knows why, we both knew I’d go for stripes in the end!

Embroidered shoes

I find streets shaded by waving cotton candy trees utterly irresistible.

Our very own little taste of what Japanese cherry blossom must be like.

Without the jet lag!

And no taste of Japan would be complete without sushi for lunch.

Outside, beneath the trees at Engawa.

Where they just so happen to be serving up what I think might be some of the prettiest lunches in London.

Bento style.

A mixed bag for me (on the left) and the veggie option for T.

Delightful little squares, filled with individual dishes – fabulous in their own rights, a true dream when brought together.

Little Wagyu stews.

Some of the best sushi you’ll try in London.

Exceptionally well balanced and decidedly… clean. With no sign of soy sauce for dunking.

Spicy tuna.



More sashimi.

And all manner of other surprises.

The perfect al fresco lunch in Central London, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Soho in Ham Yard.

Book a table in advance, take a date or one of your favourite – most snap-happy friends! This place is an Instagram goldmine.

Oh, and Gelupo’s just across the road too.

Treat yourself to some cherry gelato and stroll arm in arm beneath the blossom.

After all, we have some pretty special architecture too.

And it’s fun to play tourist in your own home once in a while.

It makes you appreciate it all the more.

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  • marie from heartfelt hunt

    oh my gosh – your outfit is so cute (i am in love with these cute shoes) and the food simply looks amazing!!! thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us!!! <3


  • I adore all of these photos! Especially the ones with you and the blossom tree. It just screams spring. X

  • Rosie! Sakura season in Japan is super busy – I was lucky enough to go last year and found that the most enjoyable time we spent there was when we detoured from the main crowded attractions and sought our own way through the plains and the countryside, whether on a bike, by foot or by train! I wrote extensively about it on my little blog Journographie (

    Now we want to go back or autumn, which is equally as beautiful (or so we hear!)
    In the meantime if you decide to hop to Japan anyway, I recommend watching a Hayao Miyazaki film beforehand to get you in the mood (Kiki’s delivery service or Totoro )

    Good luck with the wedding planning! x

  • Jami

    I love everything you post and your photos are always stupendous. I’m a long time fan and you remind me often why I read your stuff. ☺️

  • Adore the cherry blossoms everywhere, hope you make it to Japan in the future.

  • I love how they presented the food, it all looks so yummy I wouldn’t know where to start!
    You are so right about playing tourist at home. We keep booking trips at faraway destinations because we find them more exotic and we miss the amazing things we have close to our doors.

  • The blossom is so pretty! The sushi looks incredible too x


  • Cat Kittlitz

    Those shoes are just <3

  • This whole meal looks incredible! Now I’m craving sushi and gelato…


  • Cherry blossoms are my absolute favourites , I’ve loved walking around London and seeing so many recently. Fingers crossed you get out to Japan soon!

    – Natalie

  • Must have been a bugger to miss Japan, but wonderful to find it in your own city!

  • mariel

    what a lovely day out, London looks so pretty with the blossoming trees, it aint Japan but its close and it looks hella pretty and as do you Rosie, you look so chic and love your outfit <3
    that sushi restaurant looks so good and the food just looks scrumptious 🙂

  • Linda

    Hi gorgeous Rosie,
    Where is exactly the location of your cherry blossom? I’m dying to know.
    I am Indonesian that loves London and you, of course.

  • Kelly

    I was in London this weekend for only three days but the flowers, especially the wisteria, really was incredible!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Oooft this looks SO GOOD. I love that they do an entire veggie platter too! Gelato to follow, naturally >:) Immy x

  • Janelle Spira

    What is your nail polish color? I recently got engaged too (yay!!) and am looking for pretty nail polish colors to show off the ring 🙂

  • Love it! The food looks seriously drool-worthy. London has some incredible eats!

  • Christa Sagmoe

    The blooms are gorgeous… and the food looks absolutely delish! ~ Christa

  • Roxanne

    Stunning post as always Rosie! And omg those sushis look soooo good!!

  • Ah so good to know about booking Japan a year in advance. I’ve always wanted to go during blossom season too, although I feel that our cherry blossom season has been unbelievably bountiful this year!

    Katie <3

  • CelebratingthisLife

    You’ve made me miss London so much with this post! I was there last spring and could not get over the city’s magnificent blooms. Luckily, we in Toronto, Canada are about to be treated to our blooming cherry trees, they are expected to burst this weekend! Love the outfit BTW and those shoes are to die for! xx Rox-Anne,

  • Adel C

    Loving all your sakura feels photos in London. I’m also dying to see the real deal in Japan. It’s really hard to plan so much ahead.

    xx, adel

  • I love the blossom, it’s my favourite time of year! Maybe you should do the Japanese version for your honeymoon!