My Secret Sushi Spot

I have something terrible to admit.

Sometimes (very, very rarely) I come across a little gem of a place… and I don’t tell anyone.

Not friends, family, I don’t Instagram it, I don’t blog. I just savour this secret little spot all to myself (and whoever I happen to be with whenever I fancy going there, though I swear them to secrecy on pain of death).

I’ve been keeping this particular little sushi shop close to my chest for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s tiny. (I liked being able to actually get a table!)
  2. It’s in Chelsea and sushi in Chelsea is not easy to come by.
  3. It . is . so . good.

Essentially it’s just the sort of place you want to go on a lazy Sunday.

Slip into your comfiest loafers…

Finge loafers

…pull on your cosiest coat…

Shearling and suede

…and settle into with a nice cup of ginger tea.


Before ordering up a storm!

Great sushi in Chelsea London

That’s just how we roll, baby.

Best sushi in Chelsea

Spicy edemame

Spicy edamame, warm and smothered in a spicy garlic sauce.


Maki rolls.



Acocado nigiri

Spicy avocado nigiri.

This might not sound all that special, but I swear this restaurant must have London’s only supply of truly ripe, California style avocados. Vividly green, still full of goodness, creamy, not too soft, topped with spicy mayo.

So much more than the sum of its parts.

Dragon roll

Dragon rolls, obviously!

These have the added crunch of al-dente asparagus along side the tempura prawn middle.



All followed by the mother of all comfort food.

Marmite chicken.

Marmite chicken

Not actually made with marmite, just a wonderful dark, sticky, umami sauce.

The chicken is fried in a duvet like batter, and is so mind blowingly succulent I almost couldn’t believe it was just chicken (the first three times I had it).

The trick is to ask for it to be served on noodles, not rice.


I’m yet to make it to the pudding course, though they do look tremendous.

I generally just make the long waddle home, in an effort to work off some of those noodles.

Cosy in London

Shearling coat // Skinny jeans

Fringe bag

Fringe loafers (get a size up, comfiest shoes you’ll ever own)

Now. I suppose it’s finally time I broke my silence.

My guilt over keeping this place to myself is far too much to bear, it really does deserve to be shared.

It’s called OKA, you’ll find it on the King’s Road (No. 251 where Kurobuta used to be).

Book a table (YES you can actually book a table. In London! I know, incredible.)

And send me a snap of you rollin’ with the homies. You’re going to love it.

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  • So delicious and such beautiful food presentation! It is truly a gem! 🙂
    Merci for sharing! 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • This sushi looks so good!

  • Laura

    This sushi looks incredible. Thanking kindly for sharing your secret spot!

    Laura x

  • Carmen Russo

    It looks amazing! Will try it next week, happens to be round the corner from the house we have rented for the week!!

    Would you recommend a hairdresser please!!! Love your hair and I’m in need of an amazing haircut !!

  • What a truly great find! Always love trying new places when I’m in London, the sushi and that marmite chicken look truly mouthwatering, amazing photography as always Rosie! And finally somewhere you can book, that really has become a rarity in London! Slightly concerned Kurobata has moved? I love it there.. I wonder where I’ll find it now. Laura x

  • LauraCrosby

    I’m actually SO sad you’ve blogged about Oka, its been my secret sushi go to for the past year and a half!! Don’t blame you though, their dragon rolls are the best I’ve ever had!

  • the presentation is amazing! I have my little sushi spot that i don’t usually tell other people either LOL! It’s also quite small, family-owned, owned by real Japanese people, located in suburban area of Boston.

  • Lily

    Rosie just FYI, the best avocados are from Mexico, not California!

  • This looks delicious! And love your bag!

  • Little Miss Notting Hill

    Oh my goodness I got SO excited about the prospect of Marmite Chicken haha! Can you whip us up a recipe for this Rose?! xx

  • The secret is out! Who could blame you for keeping a place to yourself occasionally! ; )

  • I’m not a big fan of shushi although the food looks delicious. I’m a huge fan of your fringe bag though!

  • Cherrie

    Oh I’ve been to Oka. There’s a few around, it’s not just in Chelsea. There’s one on Primrose Hill and one in Kingly Court. They’re good, but expensive (like all good sushi in London – ugh).

  • This place looks absolutely beaut. However, you HAVE to try another lil gem, it is called Atariya, they are a wholesaler for all the sassy sushi spots but have their own little bars too. Super delicious, fresh and cheap. You will love it. Immy x

  • Thankfully I was eating sushis while reading your post Rosie otherwise it would have been too much to bear! Your photos are amazing and I’m sure it’s credit to the chefs who make such appetising and beautiful looking sushis! I could more than easily be tempted to visit this spot! Thanks for the recommendation! Julie x

  • Joules

    This looks amazing! The sashimi detail is super pretty.

    Style by Joules

  • I am literally salivating at that chicken! And I love the design of the mugs, kind of like a Ming vase in a mug!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Looks delicious! I’m yet to really try Sushi… I mean I’ve had it here and there and it’s never been truly amazing so I’ve always been hesitant to order it in case it’s a meal wasted (nobody likes to waste a meal after all!) butmay have to give this spot a go – especially for those noodles, they look amazing! x

  • Daniela Lehner

    Wow. This looks so delicious! Thanks for posting this.
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