Goat’s Cheese & Caper Scramble

The very best thing about being home is being able to cook up my own breakfasts again!

Don’t get me wrong, I love trying different things on holiday and hotel breakfasts… but no-one, and I mean no-one does your eggs quite the way you like ’em.

Only you know how to do them properly, and sometimes you just want to be at home, sit at your kitchen table and tuck into a good brekkie.

These goat’s cheese scrambled eggs are terribly easy, feel like something a little bit special and taste out of this world!

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-1

They only take about 10mins to whip up, and you can pile them on top of buttered toast or have them as they are for a lighter version.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-2

Topped with salty, zingy capers it’s a marriage of rich creamy flavours with an Italian twist.

To serve two you’ll need:

6 eggs (I like these ones)

Knob of butter

Half a round of goat’s cheese (this sort of thing)

Salt + pepper


Toast (optional)

Pop a nonstick pan onto a medium heat, add your butter and let it melt gently.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-3

Crack in your eggs.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-4

Quickly whisk them up and add a pinch of salt along with a good few grinds of fresh black pepper.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-5

Keep stirring it now and then with your whisk, and cut up your goat’s cheese.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-6

Save half and wrap it up to go into the fridge.

Chop the half you’re using into chunks.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-7

Don’t put it in right away!

Keep stirring your eggs, cooking them gently. (Pop your bread on to toast!)

Once it looks like it’s starting to come together, but still a little too wet to serve… add your cheese.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-8

Stir it in and keep cooking slowly until they’re done to your liking.

Pour onto plates and serve with fresh coffee or good hot tea.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-9

Nibble away, use your fork as a pusher and your toast like a hot buttery spoon.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-11

A very simple, very special little breakfast.

Give it a go this weekend; I think you’ll find it eggstraordinary!

Ps. For the blue & white china – Americans click here, Brits click here.

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  • Looks simple and delicious! Goat cheese is an amazing idea!

    • Rosie

      Adds such a great flavour & richness! You’re going to love it!

  • This is quite a delicious, hearty breakfast! Love that you gave it some Italian flavors 🙂 I love doing that with my omelettes as well 🙂

    Maireem | My Fair Autumn | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: myfairautumn

    • Rosie

      I live for capers!

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’m glad someone else likes quite runny scrambled eggs, none of this ‘set’ nonsense! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    • Rosie

      Argh, the worst! My mum likes hers set, it kills me to overcook them for her! x

  • This looks so delicious!

    LEACH | http://www.theleachlife.com

  • yummy! I love eggs and you’re right no one does them the way you do your own.


    • Rosie

      Glad we’re on the same page, MG!

  • Madalena de Lellis

    I started my day with pastries but this sounds good for this weekends brunch!

  • Yvespink Style

    Looks so yummy..delightful

    EXCLUSIVE | http://yvespink.blogspot.ca/2016/02/exclusive.html

  • So yummy, I definitely want to try this. Cheese and eggs are my favourite thing in the world, the main reason I could never join this vegan trend! x


    • Rosie

      I’m with you, Lauren! I often wonder if I could do it, but I just don’t think I could bring myself to go vegan.
      I think buying free-range eggs and shopping from farms not factories makes a huge difference though. x

      • Athena

        You don’t need to go full-on vegan, but it’s good to make conscious choices once in a while and prepare a vegan meal here and there. I don’t see it as a “trend” but more as a way to live more sustainably! Fantastic food blogs like Minimalist Baker and Love & Lemons show you that vegan eating not as hard as you think (the vegan mac & cheese is to die for!) Would love to see some vegan recipes on here Rosie, I’m sure you’d nail it!

  • I can never get scrambled eggs right 🙁 I’ll have to give this recipe a go… Hopefully I can up my egg game haha!


  • Looks amazing as always! I love eggs and capers but never thought of putting them together! Definitely trying this!
    Ps I made an amazing courgetti frittata the other day- so addicted to courgetti after getting a spiralizer after getting envy of all your spiralized posts!

  • I’ve been craving this since seeing it on your Snapchat. Looks delicious!


  • I am not sure about the capers but a massive YES to the goats cheese!!!


  • Lauren Lovett

    I cannot wait to make this!! Also- I made your Lazy Sunday Chilli last night (in my Le Crueset…delish) and put it on top of tortilla chips with grated cheese, jalapeños and home made guacamole!! All of your pictures got me in the mood for Mexican!! Thanks Rosie- you’re amazing. Your posts seriously brighten my life! xx

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Nom – Yes, to runny scrambled eggs and those beautiful flowers!



  • These sound so yummy and different!! Can’t wait to try them!



  • Yum this scramble looks amazing!! Goat’s Cheese is my favorite to use with eggs!


  • This looks amazing! I will be trying these out for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nathailieee

    Nom! Looks absolutely delicious I do love my morning/dinner eggs and I do love capers! (Had them yesterdays with a sole – yum). Thank you for sharing all your lovely ideas and travel snaps! 🙂


  • This looks fantastic! Perfect for breakfast (and a better alternative to my everyday oatmeal)!

    x Sarah

  • Anu
  • While your travel adventures make great stories and photos, I have to admit that I’ve missed your recipes – welcome back home! – Charlie, http://www.lemonbutterlove.com

  • Are you serious, anything with cheese will literally make me melt!!!!;) (Sorry, my French blood is kicking in!!!). I would have never thought to add goat cheese to scramble eggs but I cannot wait to try this out at the weekend – I am already salivating!!!! xx ps: happy belated birthday gorgeous, I hope it was a great one!


  • Looks delicious! I’ve added parmesan to scrambled eggs before but not goats cheese. This is definitely going to get tried this weekend!


  • 3 Gabachas

    Your photos are very well put together! Very nice to look at! Pleasant surprise of a blog! We love the British lifestyle!


  • Kari Guastella

    Goat cheese scrambled eggs are my favorite! Being a California girl, I buy Sonoma eggs and add avocado & Pescadero goat cheese. So good!

  • Toast should NEVER be optional hahaha
    Not a fan of the capers personally but would definitely try the rest of the recipe, it looks delicious!

    Jules.- thekiwidiaries.com

  • Jeanne

    The eggs look delicious…Love the Blue/White Spode….a fabulous combination!

  • Never thought of using goat’s cheese, and it’s one of my favourites! What a great idea Rosie! Your cups and matching teapot are darling too, the colour is gorgeous x


  • mycitymylondon

    WOW, I have made this before with Feta cheese, but I goat to try these. looks delicious :):):)


  • So simple, yet soooo delicious! Will defo be trying this.
    Luxe lifestyle & travel blogger: Shentalks.com

  • I’ve never tried eggs that are still a bit… wet.
    Will have to give it a go! xo

  • This looks incredible and I know what you mean – there is something amazing about finally being home!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Literally no one can make scrambled eggs the way you like them bar you and your parents! Love Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Hayley kennett

    Hi – quick tip with eggs – adding salt toward the start makes them leech water (as it does with all foods) and makes the final result not as rich. Adding salt at the very end stops that happening and means you can check for taste too 🙂

  • Brittany McFarlane

    Looks amazing! Question – Is the goat cheese chèvre or goats milk Brie? Thanks!!

  • Rosie Babbra

    Rosie, what kind of bread do you use? Looks delish!