Quick ‘n’ Easy Epic Mulled Cider

Remember remember, the fifth of November.

Tonight is bonfire night!*

*Said in Shakespearean stage whisper.

Britain will be aflame with fireworks, bonfires and sparklers. People all over our fair isles will gaze up in wonderment and brusquely ignore how bloody freezing it is!

Two things are compulsory on Bonfire Night;

  1. Sausages,
  2. Hot, spiced cider.

I’m very happy to tell you that I have (and am willing to share) the perfect Mulled Cider recipe.

It’s quick, easy and really rather good.

Easy, excellent mulled cider recipe!

Quick and easy mulled cider recipe

You’ll need to gather a few ingredients.

Mulled Cider Ingredients

1litre of cloudy cider (you’ll never guess why I chose this ^ one!)

Half litre of ginger beer

1 orange

Handful of cloves

Couple of cinnamon sticks

Splash of maple syrup (or honey)

Sloe gin or spiced rum (optional)

Stab a good few small holes into your orange (use a skewer or a pencil) and poke your cloves in. Pop into the bottom of a large saucepan, pour over your cider, ginger beer, add your cinnamon sticks and splash of syrup. Put the lid on and bring to the boil.

Once it’s boiled, turn the heat off, add a measure or two of sloe gin (or rum).

Pour into a jug, orange ‘n’ all.

Mulled Cider Recipe -2

We wrap ours in a napkin as a vague attempt to keep it warm before pouring!

Mulled cider party

Serve in mugs or jars if you’d like larger rations.

Don’t use glasses as they might not cope with the heat very well.

Mulled cider for Autumn through Christmas!

Add an extra slice of orange and a cinnamon stick if you’re feeling festive!

Mulled cider and autumn leaves

Serve outside.

Autumn table

Makeshift tablecloth optional, but highly recommended!

Mulled Cider Recipe

The recipe makes about 3.5pints, so multiply as needed.

You can always make a big batch ahead of time and warm it up when your guests arrive. The flavours will get even stronger and they’re bound to be thoroughly impressed.

Mulled cider and candles

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Autumn.

…but perhaps I’ll have to mull it over.

Sorry, had to be done. Couldn’t leaf that one be!

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  • Fairyfeet

    Your nail colour is diffeent. Do you paint them every day? Don’t you have better things to do?

    • Rosie

      Not my hand, Fairyfeet.

      • Debs Mcvickers

        Lovely recipie Rosie, I’m on that today, just off for some Spiced Rum Xx

    • sto4

      seriously who cares? even if she did, how is that bothering you? LOVE these photos Rose, autumn is my favorite <3

    • Don’t you have better things to do than criticize other people on the internet?

    • You win the award for the most pointless remark!

  • Tamsin

    This looks absolutely delicious. Definitely the perfect addition to any Bonfire Night! We’re having classic chilli con carne with baked potatos and heaps of sour cream for our firework celebrations tonight!

    • Rosie

      I’ll be right over, Tamsin!

  • Lucía

    Looks great! Kind of sad we don’t have bonfire night in Spain, maybe we should start our own… You’re definitely invited Rosie! Btw, your posts always light up my day in uni, so thanks!

  • Sylvia

    Wow, I’d never had mulled cider before, it sounds so perfect for watching the men of the house try to alight damp leaves and logs while the girlfriends and I watch from the heated kitchen 🙂 x

  • This looks so welcoming! I love bonfire night! 🙂


  • LZ

    A little uncalled for, non? I am sure that Rosie, as well as every other human on this planet, can paint their nails however often they please.

    Love the photos and the colours in this post, Rosie! Unbeleafably beautiful! Xxx

  • Bonfire Night sounds like so much fun!

    Stamp, Please! Lifestyle and Travel

  • This looks deliiiiicious, fancy bringing me some to my desk?! Fab photos as always you mega babe x

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  • Hmmm I can almost smell it, it seems! Perfect to get through winter 🙂

    xx B

  • I’ve always loved mulled cider on a chilly night but I’ve never made it for myself! I’ll definitely have to change that this year!


  • Wow I absolutely love your styling skills, the knit backdrop is lovely! And the colour palette in general is super super!! x

  • Liza Tait-Bailey

    It’s posts like this that make me wish I still lived in England! Beautiful recipe, will have to make next time I’m in a cold country xxx

  • Anna D

    I’ve never attempted to make mulled cider but it sounds easy enough! (And delicious)
    xx, anna

  • Adore the autumnal vibes in this post Rosie. This sounds like a great prelude to mulled wine next month! I love the idea of serving the cider in the Kilner jars.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Katie

    This sounds so perfect! Our weather has changed and gotten a bit brisk – this will be perfect to enjoy on a cool Fall day!



  • Victoria

    What dreams are made of!! You always have THE most perfect food and drink ideas for every occasion! So sad that I’m missing bonfire night again this year as I’m in Paris but hey, could be worse!! 😀

    I’ve just blogged about Autumn days in Paris and the harvest markets! 🙂

  • Sarah

    Beautiful pictures! Love all the fall colours. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe soon!

    – sefoster8.blogspot.ca

  • Ah this makes me so excited for Christmas!


  • Wow this totally looks like the perfect autumn drink! Bye-bye Pumpkin Spice Latte! 😀

  • Natalia

    Perfect post! Love the recipe. Your blog is an inspiration. Keep doing what you are doing. And a little reminder for some of your readers: “I used to care what people thought about me, until one day, I tried to pay my bills with their opinions.” x

    Natalia – thewomaniwantobe.com

  • This looks amazing!! Gorgeous photography as always!! x
    a life of a charlotte

  • I’ve never had mulled cider before, and suddenly I’m feeling like that is a problem. I’ll have to try this out when there’s snow on the ground!

  • Thanks for reminding me about the wonders of mulled cider. I normally drink mulled wine, but I’ll try to make cider this time. I just hope I can find it in Spain! Cheers!:)


  • Nothing says autumn like mulled cider! I love orange and cinnamon as a garnish 🙂


  • So you could say this is basically bonfire law to go armed with this. Sounds great.

  • You cannot beat spiced cider or apple this time of year (anything with cinnamon and spices in just gets me festive in a minute!)

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • These photos are so warm and cozy! I cannot wait to give this a go – especially with sloe gin! That is the PERFECT spirit for this & you don’t see it utilized enough! xx SS

  • Nathailieee

    As a mulled wine person I have always declined a cider… I think until today! Thanks, I might be a convert from today:) and such a lovely photo work. The photos are just ooooozing of autumn, mmm.


  • Photography is as always absolutely gorgeous 🙂 feeling very festive after reading this 🙂

    Kate X


  • Love the idea of serving this in mason jars! Your styling in these photos is so pretty – I feel warm and snugly just looking at them. xxx

  • Love the idea of putting ginger beer in it!! had never thought about it before :O will definitely have to try!!

  • This looks simple and nice ♥♥


  • This looks so lovely! And as usual your photos are simply beautiful. I really want to try whipping up a batch of this stuff, it looks far too good not to!

    emily | honey + flour

  • I’ve only recently broken my cider virginity, & I’m not sure whether I like cider or not lol.. But the idea of being able to make my own sounds appealing.

    I may this try this recipe out when I have some time off during christmas.

    Nadine xx


  • Yum! Very cosy and autumnal I love it (we even cracked out the s’mores this bonfire night!) Thanks for the recipe, I’ll have to give it a go – love the photos btw and hope you had a lovely night!

    josievictoriaa / fashion,
    travel and lifestyle

  • Thanks for the idea. That’s exactly what I was looking for this lazy weekend.


  • I cannot wait to try this variation! mulled wine is a staple in my house come November so the twist will be much appreciated by many I’m sure!

    Tara xo

  • I’ll have to try this! It looks delicious and so comforting! Perfect for Autumn days!

    Marie x

  • Oooh I love mulled cider. Mulled wine is lovely and all, but I definitely prefer the cider version. Will be giving this recipe a go! Love the crisp autumn leaves on the table idea too!

    Beautiful photos as always! What camera did you use?

    Kathryn | Hungry Little Bear

  • Oh my goodness, this looks and sounds amazing! Yum!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Meels

    Love this post Rosie. I hear that you (and every other blogger, ever, I guess) have received a lot of hate recently on various ridiculous forums or received negative comments (such as that below interrogating you about your nail colour choice…………) but I love The Londoner! It must be a bit exhausting having blogging your life as your profession, and I think you constantly do so with poise. You always write in such an inviting, familiar and warm manner that I have always loved reading. xx

  • CB

    So I know this is a little late… but if you need inspiration for the sort of sausages to go with this scrumptious cider, I’ve just done an easy peasy recipe – they’re super scrummy…

    CB x

  • Thanks Rose- we just had a group over for a party, and needed something non-alcoholic for some expectant mums. It was a huge hit, and people could spike it based on their preference! Plus the oranges with cloves look so pretty!

  • It looks amazing, I hope you had a wonderful bonfire night x


  • I have to admit I’m not much of a cider/mulled wine drinker, but I am obsessed with your ultimately autumnal/cosy set up here. Looks like heaven.

    Katie <3


  • Clara Midgley

    I’m pregnant, don’t care. Still making this for my guests mid-October just so I can enjoy the smell of it. Everything in this recipe is right xx