Truffle & Parmesan Egg in Brioche

I love a good breakfast recipe.

I like to save them up for weekends, when we all have a little more time on our hands!

Lounge in bed a little longer, streeeetch and make myself into a duvet burrito. Wallow in the feeling of soft cotton sheets and the sunshine coming through the window. And then, eventually, get cracking with breakfast while he pops out to get the papers.

This recipe makes one of my favourite breakfasts and I already know you are going to love it!

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-1

Runny yolked egg in truffled brioche with parmesan and thyme.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-2

So, so decadent and really not all that thyme consuming!

To make one you’ll need:

A thick slice of brioche (I use this one)

1 egg

Handful of grated parmesan (grate it yourself, it makes a difference)

Pinch of fresh thyme

The best truffle oil you can get your mitts on

Salt + pepper

Use a glass to make a hole in your brioche. I use a champagne glass, but any will do.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-3

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-4

Eat the middle. Lil’ treat for the chef.

In a pan heat a drizzle of truffle oil. Turn the grill (broiler) on to heat up too.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-7

Lay your brioche into the hot pan and carefully crack an egg into the centre.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-8

Grind over a little black pepper.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-9

Follow with a dusting of parmesan.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-10

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-11

Add a few sprigs of thyme.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-12

Let it fry away for a minute.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-13

Before popping under the grill.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-5

This’ll make the top nice and toasty, melt the cheese and cook the egg white through.

Just don’t put it up too high, or it’ll burn.

Keep a close eye on it, and everything should have firmed up after about a minute.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-6

Transfer onto a plate, or serve as it is.

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-14

Pan // Mugs // Teapot


Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-15

Crack into that egg and tuck in!

Truffle Parmasan Egg in A Hole-16

You know the edges are just begging to be dunked!



Breakfast doesn’t get much more eggcellent than that! ^

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  • Daaaaaamn. Think I’m gonna have to try this at the weekend fo sizzle (<<< does anyone say that anymore? Am I officially old?) another corker of a recipe Rose – you've been on a roll recently!

    Harry x

  • Oh. My. God. Rosie, it’s my birthday, and I really think this post is an egg-cellent present! ^.^ Des |

  • Rina

    This looks so good. Will definitely be trying this out soon!

  • Cake & Whisky

    Eggcellent really is the word there! Can’t wait to try this one out!

    Sandra x

  • Another wonderful recipe Rose! I’ve started printing these out and keeping them in a scrapbook so I can make them at home! x

  • I am droooooling at my desk. This looks so so good!


  • And to think I didn’t want breakfast this morning…


  • mariel

    this looks so good that my mouth is watering haha, can’t wait to try it..thanks for sharing this recipe Rosie <3

  • Oooh this looks great! Going for brunch with friends at the weekend (any recommendations for places guys?) but maybe I should just stay at home and make this instead?! (….or maybe just have both…. =p)


  • Geena

    These look absolutely delicious! I love a brioche bun on a burger so I can only imagine how good this tastes!

  • Ruth

    You know, we used to have this as children (minus the truffle oil)! But we called it, ‘egg with a hat on’! So….rather than eat the little middle bit as a chef’s treat, fry that too and pop it on top of the yolk – you see, ‘egg with a hat on’! Delicious.

  • This looks so delicious and easy! Can’t wait to try it!


  • I love your recipes because you always include that #extremecloseup that I crave! Looks bomb and easy breezy beautiful (Cover Girl).

  • I can hear my mum singing my praises for the rest of time if I make this for her this weekend – genius idea Rosie! Might have to make extra for me….

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • That not only sounds delicious, but the photography is beautiful too! Ah makes me long for the weekend… x

  • As soon as I read the title of today’s post I knew I was going to LOVE it! Can’t wait to try it.

    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • ninegrandstudent

    And that’s this weekends breakfasts sorted – thanks Rosie!

  • I will definitely try this one ! xx

    La Petite Mademoiselle , a blog by Lisa Santos

  • Best egg-in-a-hole I’ve ever ever ever seen. I mean, I just had dinner (and dessert), yet now I’m craving this SO badly. Well, I know what’s for breakfast! Adding this one to my saved list.

  • Kate

    SO glad you posted this, I am definitely going to whip this up for breakfast this morning! It looks fabulous!


  • Noooo forget the brioche, it’s all about baking the egg in avocado…tastes amazing. doesn’t look too bad either.

  • So I had never heard of this recipe ever in my life until one of our friends made us something similar. But here in the South US we have a much more fancy name for it… wait for it.. it’s called: EGG-IN-A-HOLE. Kid you not! lol the creativity of Southerners is just mind boggling.. HA! but it was delicious! The one we had definitely did not have parmesan nor truffle oil so I will definitely give this a go sometime!


  • Emma and Emily

    Wow this looks gorgeous! Will be making this for me and my boyfriend this weekend.

    Emily x

  • This looks AMAZING.

  • This is such a good idea and it seems so easy! Really the type of recippe I need, my boyfriend will be pleased: thank you so much!


    Céline from Larry & Co.

  • That looks SO good – would be amazing using duck egg and having asparagus to dip in too 🙂 Am loving the asparagus season, and serving it with a bit of truffle at my next pop up supper club.
    Rosie xx

  • Oooh that looks so good!! But then again, anything with cheese sounds perfect to me x) <3

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  • The slow pace

    I have to prepare that for my wife!!! This weekend we’re off to Copenhagen but next weekend… we have a plan!

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  • Hayley May

    This looks DE-LISH

  • Rosie, this is just like the absolute best breakfast I had at Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn! It was a thick slice of toast with an egg cracked in the center, crowned with molten cheese (seriously, heaven), and dripping truffle oil. Yours looks just as good and is probably a thousand times easier!

    Also, I checked out your mum’s new site, and I love it! If you designed it I’m very impressed, and think the little quotes on each page (especially the bee one!) are great little touches.

    I actually just posted a new breakfast recipe as well, so if you want to check it out that would be great. I am always drawing inspiration from your blog so keep up the amazing work!

    xx Hailey

  • Aaah this is making me very hungry!

    X Marjolein

  • This looks and sounds amazing, YUM!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Gabriella Granata

    Oooooooh truffle oil and parmesan! On chips… YES, on eggy brioche….YES YES YES!

    This will be the first thing i eat once I’ve reached my goal weight.

    Thanks for sharing as always 🙂 xx

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    Sunday breakfast sorted thaaaank you xx

  • Cracking recipe!

  • Oh my gosh that looks absolutely delicious!!

    Danika Maia


  • Queenie Lee

    Looks so simple and delish! xx

  • Will give this a try this weekend. Have tried some of your recipes and they are great.

  • Kate

    That’s so funny because my family has been making a less extravagant version of this for breakfast for years! We always just called them bulls-eye eggs (since the egg makes a bulls-eye in the bread). I’ll have to suggest those additions to it.

  • Ah I wish I had a bit more thyme on my hands tomorrow morning to whip this up! I have to be up n out by 8 to get to rugby 7’s – the bums will be worth it! >;) Immy X

  • That looks so darn tasty! I’ll have to try that sometime!

  • Fleur

    Rose! Your food photo’s are amazing and mouth watering. What kind of camera (and/or lens) do you use?! Keep these amazing photo’s and recipes coming, Holland loves ’em.

    Love, Fleur

  • Lynton Cooper

    I’ve recently given up eating meat so this has been perfect for still having a go to weekend breakfast.

  • I love eggs and the simplicity of this is right up my yolk! Can’t wait for the weekend to try it out.