Lucy’s Launch

Now, I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

I do you like to blog things in a nice, organised fashion, and do everything in order.

I should absolutely be putting a few of the squillion photos I took in Holland up… but I haven’t gone through them yet!

Last night my train pulled in to the station, I leapt from it, raced to a taxi, crawled through traffic, and made it back to Notting Hill just in time for Lucy’s launch party.

lucy williams missoma-1


lucy williams missoma-2

Travelling in comfort:

Blazer // Cami

Skinny jeans // Shearling soled boots (so comfy!)

Sunglasses to disguise the complete lack of makeup/sleep

New Prada baby

lucy williams missoma-3

lucy williams missoma-4

Silver May bangles. Did you check out the new website I made her? We had so much fun putting it together! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

lucy williams missoma-5

I marched through the white washed streets, with the sun setting through the trees.

All the way to the party on Blenheim Crescent. Hosted in the most gorgeous house, with the most glorious garden.

lucy williams missoma-7

lucy williams missoma-8

There was a constant buzz of happy chatter, tunes floating around and more nibbles than you could ever hope for.

lucy williams missoma-9

lucy williams missoma-10

lucy williams missoma-11

lucy williams missoma-12

And then of course, there was the collection.

The reason for us all coming together!

Lucy’s new jewellery designs, all laid out for us.

lucy williams missoma-13

Gold & silver plated, holiday inspired pieces.

lucy williams missoma-14

Made to be layered and all worn together.

lucy williams missoma-15

lucy williams missoma-16

The croissant was a particular hit!

lucy williams missoma-17

And led on perfectly to pudding!

lucy williams missoma-19

Pudding and peonies, two of my favourite things!

lucy williams missoma-20

Our gorgeous, bronzed hostess wearing every piece of her collection.

Who could blame her?!

She should be very proud indeed.

lucy williams missoma-21

As we all are of her.

Now, I need to get through some of these holiday snaps! And I have a little post going up on Friday that you are going to love!

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