The Greatest Chicken Satay!

I have finally nailed the perfect chicken satay recipe!

How long have I been going on about chicken satay? 2, 3 years?

Well, possibly about 22 but I haven’t had the blog for that long SO YOU CAN’T PROVE IT!

Anyway, after a process of trial and deliciously sticky (pun intended) error, I finally think I’ve cracked it.

A simple, seriously delicious, fool-proof recipe for the starter of all starters, chicken satay.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-1

Tender chicken, served streetfood style with rich, peanut dipping sauce.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-2

*Angels sing*

I made loads for a lunch party, but here’s the recipe to feed two and you can double as you please:

Satay Chicken:

600g Chicken thighs – deboned (sometimes you can buy these as “thigh fillets”)

1 clove Garlic, crushed

1 chilli, chopped

3tbsp Soy sauce

2tbsp Coconut oil (or sesame oil if you’re out)

1tsp Honey

Wooden skewers, soaked in water for an hour+

Satay Sauce:

2tbsp Coconut oil

Half small Onion, chopped

1 chopped Chilli 

1 clove of Garlic, crushed

150g (half pot) Peanut butter (100% peanut, no added sugar. Like this one.) 

1tsp Honey 

200ml (half can) Coconut milk

splash of Fish sauce 

Soy sauce 

You’ll want to start by marinading your chicken. A day ahead is best, but give it at least 3-4hrs. Blend together your garlic, chilli, soy sauce, coconut oil, honey and pour into a flat bottomed dish.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-3

Chop your chicken into chunks and add to the pot.

When all your chicken has been sliced ‘n’ diced into bitesize bits, toss it around in the sauce.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-4

Cover with clingfilm, and pop into the fridge until you’re ready for it.

The sauce can also be made ahead, so while you’re on a roll why not get started?!

Heat the coconut oil in a pan over a medium heat. Toss in your onion, chilli and garlic.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-5

Fry until soft.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-6

Turn the heat down a little.

Add your peanut butter & honey. Stir quickly and don’t let the bottom burn, there’s nothing worse than a burnt bottom.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-7

Once it all starts to come together, quickly & carefully transfer to your blender/processor. Seriously, be careful. This stuff is hot!

Add the coconut milk and blend.

If it’s too thick, you can loosen the mixture with a little more coconut milk.

Pour into a dish/pot/jar, and pop to one side.

When your chicken is ready to roll, thread it onto your skewers.

Place onto a rack over a baking tray.


Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-8

Turn the grill (broiler) on to a medium-high setting.

Grill the chicken for about 10mins, until nice and browned. Take it out.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-9

Turn them over, and cook for another 10.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-10

Pile onto a serving plate.

Serve with buckets of your sauce (if it’s gotten cold, warm it gently on the hob.)

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-11

Sprinkle with a few chopped chives, or coriander if you’re feeling fancy!

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-12

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-13

And dunk to your heart’s content!

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-14

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-15

Leftover sauce (you made quite a lot) is cracking on noodles, sandwiches, stir fries, anything you can think of.

Easy Chicken Satay Recipe-16

Give it a go this weekend! And if the sun shines, why not try doing the chicken on the bbq?

Just don’t tell anyone, because once your friends know you can knock up a mean satay… they won’t be able to satay away!

You know what you could watch while eating it? Sex and the Satay!

Ok, I’ll stop now.

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