Slutty Brownie Sundae

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us!

For lots of couples that means an expensive night out at a fancy restaurant, candle light, wine lists and a long drive home.

But I have a better idea!

Let’s all just stay in, have supper at home, snuggle up on the sofa (or in bed) and demolish one of these babies…

A Slutty Brownie Sundae!

Layers of warm, gooey brownie, cookie dough, Oreos, ice-cream, pecans, tangy raspberries, and frothy whipped cream.

Pure unadulterated filth.

Delve right down to the bottom for the good stuff.

Right. You’ll need:

Slutty Brownies*

Ice cream

Whipped cream


Extra Oreos

Nuts (I like pecans)

Large glass/large jar/small vase?

*NB. Slutty Brownies are so called because they’re incredibly naughty and very, very easy. They’re not the sort you take home to Mother, and as such are made with packet mixes. I’ve heard people call from-scratch-brownie/from-scratch-cookiedough sandwiches “Slutty Brownies” and seeing as I coined the term, I thought I’d better straighten this out! Those are not Slutty. They are, no doubt, delicious! But they’re a bit fancy, (and still undeniably filthy) so if anything they’re Wifey Brownies. If you’re more of the Wifey type, you can substitute my original Slutty Brownie recipe with Gabby’s

Anyway, knock up your preferred brownie batch!

Leave to cool a little.

Slice into hunks of badness.

Marvel at their gorgeousness!

Roughly chop your nuts.

Then your Oreos.

Add a layer of nuts & cookies to your Sundae jar.

Pop a warm Slutty Brownie in. (If the batch isn’t warm when you come to serve, just zap in the microwave for a min.)

Add a scoop or two of ice-cream.

A cloud of cream.

Throw in a couple of raspberries and another Slutty Brownie!

Top with more ice-cream.

More berries.

Oh go on then! Another Slutty Brownie!

Push it all down a bit and top with one last scoop of ice-cream (if you can!)

Tower with whipped cream!

Dust with crushed toppings.

Don’t be afraid to make a mess, you naughty thing.

Watch the warm brownie slowly melt the creamy ice cream as it runs in rivers down the side of the cold glass…

Dive in!

Designed to be served with two spoons. Give one to your lover, your BFF or even your Mum! (Mum’s are always secretly Slutty deep down, those little minxes.)

Turn the lights down low, light your best candles, sip on a bottle of bubbly and congratulate yourselves on avoiding the Valentines crowds!

Plus, with all the money you’ve saved you could always splash out on pressies!

I have a few ideas.

You could always send this post to your loved one and say “OMG, we have to make this on V-Day!”… they’ll be lured in by the brownies and then I’ll subtly hint to them that perhaps you’d like one of the below?

Boom! Teamwork makes the dream work.

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  • this looks absolutely amazing!

    • Rosie

      You’re going to love it Shannon! xx

  • This is just what I need !

    Photos are beautifully taken as always

    Have a great week ahead !

    • Rosie

      Thanks Hayley!

  • Why. WHY would you post this an hour before lunch break Rosie?!!


    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Rosie

      Haha sorry Katy! xx

  • OH my gosh Rosie, these look absolutely to die for! I think I might just forget the actual dinner and dive right into a great big slutty brownie sundae. Oh yes, that sounds like the perfect V-Day night! Side of cookie dough and a chick flick? I think so.

    Lauren xx

    P.S. Love the idea of luring the man in with “oooh brownies!” and secretly hiding the pressies at the bottom – inspired!

    • Rosie

      Totally up for skipping Valentines all together and staying in with one of these!
      A winner for a night with the chap, or with the chicks! …I might even confiscate his spoon. 😉 xx

  • This is the most disgusting/beautiful thing I’ve ever seen???? I cannot compute.

    • Rosie


  • Jeannie C

    That is pure death in a jar and I don’t care, at least I’ll die a blissful one

    • Rosie

      Fat ‘n’ happy!

    • Rosie

      Always my favourite reaction, Camille!

  • I dread to think the calories, but wow that looks good!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    • Rosie

      Don’t think… just spoon!

  • This dessert is obscene! I’m concerned ‘he’ might get the wrong idea about me 😉

  • Erica

    I think I gained 3 pounds just by looking at these pictures, but this looks so delicious that I don’t care 🙂 BTW what nail polish are you wearing? I’ve been looking for a pink polish just like that!

    • Rosie

      Essie Fondola Gondola x

  • Heart-attack in a Kilner Jar!

  • Holly Clark

    Oh my god these look almost too good to be true! I would opt for these bad boys over an expensive dinner any night of the week!

    • Rosie

      Me too Holly, me too!

  • Oh my giddy aunt that looks good! Just did my own v day treat post, but mine is rather saintly in comparison!! xo

    • Rosie

      Looks good Laura! But you’re right, much more saintly! x

      • Thank you, I’m thinking so saintly that we can have mine early and yours later on haha! x

  • Aw I’m away for valentines this year (while my boyfriend is stuck at home) which is really rather sad… Maybe if I surprised him with one of these when I get back it will make up for it..?


    • Rosie

      I think that’ll win you girlfriend of the year KJ! 😉 xx

  • Amaazing

    Fie x Coffee & Confetti

  • Oh my gosh, there are no words. I need this in my life!

    • Rosie

      You really do Christie! x

  • OMG! It looks so yummmi!! 🙂

  • Rebecca

    That is ridiculous!! And looks so, so good. Who needs dinner!

    • Rosie

      I like the way you think Rebecca!

  • Flossie

    mmmm lush! So when will we meet Mr Londoner, Rosie? Is he still very shy? 🙂

  • cestantina

    That looks amazing, too bad my boyfriend is working for Valentine’s day so I will have to eat that on my own!

    • Rosie

      A true sacrifice!

  • Kate Neanor

    This blog posted puzzled me so i did a small internet search on these brownies – it didn’t take long to find that the original recipe (made with boxed ingredients) was published on this blog:

    Are you saying that you didn’t create the recipe and just titled it “slutty brownies”?

    • Rosie

      Pure coincidence I’m afraid Kate! Slutty Brownies were born out of what was in the cupboard at the time and a cheeky name, which is what’s made them so successful!
      Those look EPIC! But much more effort than I’d like to put into such a filthy treat!

  • Nancy | A Quest to Flourish

    This looks absolutely yummo and a little bit naughty!

  • The Broke Boy


  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

    • Rosie

      Mmmm hhmmm!

  • ninegrandstudent

    Seeing as this is the first Valentine’s (in five years) we will be able to see each other, I might just have to put this on the menu. A bit of a warm gooey sauce and it would be perfect!

    Low fat soup for lunch now seeming less than adequate…

    • Rosie

      Oh my goodness yes, that deserves celebrating for sure!

  • Rosie I think you’ve just made every girl’s heart sing – this is real Valentine’s day indulgence!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Holy smokes- these look amazing. Seriously, the best thing ever- a must try for Valentine’s Day!

  • The slow pace

    Speechless. I’m speechless.

  • Why am I looking at this on a Monday morning and suddenly craving chocolate and cookies and ice cream for breakfast… why?! This is seriously dangerous.

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • dchill

    What colour nail polish do you have on, Rose? It’s gorgeous! (ps- I will definitely be trying the sundae!)

    • Rosie

      Essie Fondola Gondola x

  • This Slutty Brownie Sundae seems so delicious and fresh.

  • Oooh this looks like pure wickedness, which of course means I MUST try making! I may be even sluttier & just buy some good quality brownies & heat them up in the microwave – is that slutty enough for you Rosie!!!!!!

    Btw I’m making your zero calorie noodle soup tomorrow night, can’t wait!

    Hugs Adele xoxo

    • Rosie

      That’s next level slutty Adele!… I love it.

  • Haha, great idea! Me and my Mr are staying in and I’m in charge of desserts. I think I might be feeling a bit slutty!

    Lovely gift ideas too Rosie, as always.

    I’ve put a few last min gift ideas on my blog too… mainly things I’d like myself 😉

    Hope you are having a lovely time at Babington House.

    Claire x

    • Rosie

      Always good to put ideas you like in your own guides! Next level hinting! 😉 x

  • I love this! So delicious and easy (definitely very slutty!) And who doesn’t want to beat the valentines day crowds?

  • Oh my gosh, Rosie! Just when I thought these couldn’t get any sluttier, there you go! I made the brownies for my hubs for his birthday by special request and he loved them (see? They were late, but the sluttiness made up for that). Then my bestie wanted some, so I made her a batch and they were d.e.v.o.u.r.e.d. She was then mad at me. Ha! But in a good way. 😉 She’s going to die when I show her this latest adaptation. Much love! xx

    • Rosie

      Ha! It’s always good to feed friends. The fatter they get, the thinner you look! 😉
      But seriously, they sound very lucky to have you Nicole! xx

  • Kayleigh Lindstedt

    Oh eemm gee!! Will definitely give this a try! What a great idea!

    Kay xx

    • Rosie

      Lemme know how you get on Kayleigh! x

      • Kayleigh Lindstedt

        Definitely will! Can’t wait to try it!! X

  • haha AMAZING! Chocolate and raspberry combo is always a winner – still yet to give these slutty brownies a go… maybe valentines day is my excuse!!!

    Mollie x

    • Rosie

      One of your five a day, so they pretty much make this a salad! x

  • I couldn’t eat this with my boyfriend.. he’d demolish the whole lot.
    I think I’ma knock it up, with a mug of tea and some sex & the city. Heaven.

    • Rosie

      Sounds like a much better idea to me! xx

  • Rosie


  • Amy

    The BFF night in I’ve been planning just got a whole lot naughtier. Thank you for the recipe and inspiration!! Fabulous as always xx

  • Elanor

    Who doesn’t love a good bit of filth on Valentine’s Day?
    Talking about the brownies obviously… Get yo’ mind out of the gutter!

  • Katie Skinner

    Knocked up a batch of you Slutty Brownies whilst I was doing a spot of baby sitting. Sure fire way to have the kids on side!! Im going to reserve this recipe if I ever really need to bribe them!!


  • Sophia Nicholls

    This. Is. Amazing.
    Shame my other half can’t eat anything with egg! Maybe if I found an egg free brownie recipe instead? Somehow it just doesn’t seem right…
    Another great recipe! You’re so creative and your food photography is always the best! 🙂 xxx

  • Okay, I need those Slutty Brownies in my life right now! Will definitely make this 🙂 xx

  • Omg… that looks so good!

  • I need this in my life. Drool.

  • And this is the month I decide to give up sugar!! Maybe just put it off for another month or two? 🙂

  • Oh my goodness these look amazing, i’ll definetly be trying them soon!

  • This looks so damn good! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  • Omg I hate it and love it at the same time. Ahhhh Did you redo your site looks good. xoxo

  • Wow, that looks delicious! I much prefer staying in for Valentine’s Day too, especially if it involves one of these! xxx

  • My mouth is watering. Will definitely be making this for my date. Great composition on your photos!

  • OH MY DROOL! this looks unfrigginreal! Photos are fab!


  • Anna

    You are killing me!!! The problem is, with so much snow in Boston right now I cannot even look at ice cream!!
    I’m all for spending Valentine’s day at home too! I usually bake cupcakes (not necessarily with pink frosting). This year I’m also making cookies (ehm…heart shaped just for the fun of it)!

  • Ohhhhh!! Wow, wow, wow. Love that there’s pecans in this.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Oh. my. goodness. Those look devilishly decadent. Yum.

  • Kari Guastella

    I feel like I am on a sugar high just looking at it!

  • Ellie Schwartz

    ohhh my goodness. that looks delish 🙂

  • Damaris Gore

    This looks sooo good!

  • This looks gloriously filthy! Totally having a girls night on the big day and revelling in our singleness.
    Rosie x

  • I am so making this but probably won’t be sharing it with anyone…..#dirtylittlesecret


  • Designed to be served with two spoons? For me and for me! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • This looks so good!

  • Glow On

    Oh wow! Amazing, drool-worthy photos. I think you should stop teasing us 😉

  • You angel. Will YOU be my Valentine? 😉

  • julesinabox

    oh no Rosie!! How am I supposed to stay on my diet when you post these photos? Now I have a super brownie craving.
    That sundae looks amazing tho…


  • I want this for breakfast!!

  • Maija

    This looks insane! Had brunch at Hot Box btw, it was really really good!!! Mmmmm those tacos 🙂

  • Natasha Lancaster

    Now, that’s my kind of Valentine’s celebration!

  • Adelaide Haynes

    Everything about this is just spectacular! Especially the name!

  • this looks seriously mouth watering! Might have to give this a little go this weekend.

    Mel x

  • Rachel Naylor

    Omg that looks amazing! I suppose I could forget about my healthy eating for one day just for this

  • hell yes miss rosie! love this!! x

  • peter

    Great use of the brownies!!! I make them all the time. The roses in background make for such and elegant touch for something so sinful.

  • This look SOOOOOOO good!!! I’ve made your slutty brownies a couple of times now, so think its time to move on to the sundae! I put together a little gift guide for guys, as we all know men are so hard to buy for, would love it if you had a look!

    B x

  • mooredanielle

    Oh man. I’m drooling at work. Solidly drooling. I need this.


  • Wow, drooling here, slutty brownie sundaes seem the way forward *cancels dinner!

  • Oh my god. I literally have no words. Droooling at this!

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

  • This looks amazing !! I totally agree with you, this is better than any restaurant 😉 And I don’t think that Valentine’s day is the better night to eat out, restaurants are expensive and crowded.

  • Emma and Emily

    Swoooon! Very much approve on the haagen-dazs vanilla ice cream!

  • Hunks of badness. *iz ded* Why, oh WHY is my oven broken.

    This is a rhetorical question, ergo it does not require a question mark.

  • Whoa these are thebomdotcom! Would it be safe to say they go in the naughty 20% eating lifestyle? Can’t wait to try this recipe, maybe I even smuggle a little NUTELLA awesomeness inside that jar ! YUM – well done Rosie 🙂

  • Christen Sando

    WOW!!! I’m definitely going to make these this weekend with my husband and 2 year old boy! 🙂 Thanks, Rosie!

  • Oh my goodness, that looks and sound amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Dea2407 .

    OMG, you’re killin me with that… Dee-licious!

  • Kate

    I need this in my life! Also I don’t seem to have received any of your blogs in my inbox recently, I have both a gmail and aol account subscribed to you, any advice so I can get my daily fix again??

  • Abbie

    I can’t get over how mouth-watering-ly good these look!!x


  • Oh lord Jesus it’s a fire!

    Reckon they’d make a mean milkshake too? if you empty the entire jar into a blender? 😀

  • OMG!!! Slutty brownies are my all time favorites, now you drop this BOMB :)))) Absolutely amazing!

  • Theresa Y.

    I can’t wait to try this sundae recipe out!! I posted it to my blog with a bunch of “must-try” recipes I’ve been collecting. –

  • I love the name – what a lovely way to serve this too.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • I keep coming back to this! No bikini body this year hahah

    Boo x