Postcards from Babington House

I’ve just returned from a little British holiday at Babington House, in Somerset.

I absolutely meant to take a hundred photos and share it all with you… but Babington has this funny effect on people.

As soon as you step on to the grounds you sort of forget yourself. Forget everything you’re supposed to do and just slip into this relaxed, jelly-like state.

So the simplest excuse I can give for the lack of thorough blogging, is that I plum forgot!

Here are a few of the snaps that did make it out of Somerset’s Bermuda triangle:

Checking into our gorgeous room (and the last time we would see it so tidy!)

Straight into swimmers and a race to the pool, swiping a couple’a’cocktails on the way…

One Piece – UK // US

Bikini Version – UK // US

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Watching the sunset in the steam together.

Tucking the pup in while we went to the main house for supper.

My favourite Soho House cocktail, “Grey Goose Le Fizz”.

35ml Vodka

25ml St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur

20ml Freshly squeezed lime juice

75ml Soda water

After supper we retired to our room, where we slipped on lingere for a pillow fight and ate strawberries, kicking our feet in the air… sort of.

^ Anna swears by these PJs.

When morning came we pulled on wellies and went for a long walk around the grounds. Returning for baths and breakfast.

Followed by a good seeing to at the Cowshed Spa.

If you haven’t tried Cowshed products, you have to give them a go.

They’re all based on moods (Grumpy Cow, Horny Cow, Knackered Cow, Lazy Cow… and so on).

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The Spearmint Scrub is my favourite, it polishes skin leaving it tingling, fresh and beautifully moisturised. They do a whole range for chaps, too.

Between treatments we stretched out in the spa’s sitting room. Yawning like snoozing cats between the fireplace and the sunlight streaming through the windows.

Sipping on cups of ginger and honey tea.

Loosened up, scrubbed and smoothed, we headed for lunch at the main house.

And celebrated having the place practically to ourselves!

We sat chatting until the sun dipped below the hills, and walked into the dusk.

Eventually retiring to The Study to put our feet up.

Skipped supper all together and went right for pudding!

Sticky toffee pudding, no less.

On our final morning, we steamed, we swam and we planned our assault on the breakfast buffet.

Sat happily together, watching the morning mists roll away.

Before locking ourselves in The Cowshed once more, for facials and a little work on our hooves.

It was the most blissful break we could have asked for, and just what the doctor ordered.

By the time we left, it felt like we’d abandoned the shells of ourselves back in the room and were heading back to London fresh, rejuvenated and reborn!

Ready for whatever February has to throw at us.

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