Lobster Rollin’ In Soho

London seems to be treating us to Spring-like sunshine in the depths of January.

I am all over any excuse to march through the crisp, sun dappled streets without a cumbersome coat.

lobster roll london-22

Ideal for those with a full blown knitwear addiction.

lobster roll london-25

Or “knit wits” as we like to be known.

lobster roll london-24

Snuggled up in

The thickest cashmere cable knit jumper // Cashmere blanket scarf (Highstreet version)

Lanvin Sugar bag

And a knitted skirt from my new shopping obsession, Chicwish.

lobster roll london-11

Yep, it even has anchors on it!

I discovered Chicwish through Pinterest and love their classic, girly style. They specialise in pretty cuts and retro shapes.

The skirts alone are certainly sturdier and better quality than you often find online, so it’s safe to say I’m hooked!

lobster roll london-12

My pumps are a staple in my wardrobe at the mo, and they’re from a little closer to home.

But that’s enough wardrobe chat, what I really wanted to tell you about was a new little lunch spot.

Smack in the middle of London, just across the road from Selfridges you’ll find Smack Deli. A lobster roll joint from the same people who dreamt up “Burger & Lobster”.

It is clawsome.

lobster roll london-14

lobster roll london-18

There’s a short menu to choose from;

smack deli menu

You order at the counter, pour your own drinks and scuttle off with a buzzer to wait for your food.

lobster roll london-1

After a few minutes your buzzer springs into live, which may or may not make you fall off your stool if you’re not expecting it, and you race in to get your haul.

And if you order like us, it is one hell of a haul!

lobster roll london-7

Never eat out with a blogger, they have to shoot everything before you can touch it!

lobster roll london-17

But I don’t know who could possibly resist a few snaps of these babies.

lobster roll london-10

They’re positively begging to be ‘grammed!

lobster roll london-6

We went for The Mexican (spicy and rich), The Cali (fresh, delicate and very moerish. You can really taste every element. My fave.)…

lobster roll london-5

…Courgette fries (crispy, satisfying), the Happy Ending (zingy and light)…

lobster roll london-4

lobster roll london-3

…And a whole lobster with garlic mayo.

lobster roll london-8

Which you really can’t go wrong with!

lobster roll london-9

You can eat outside or in. It’s no nonsense, McDonalds style service but the food is cracking.

Really, really worth a trip if you’re in the area.

Find them on Binney Street, at the bottom of Oxford Street (not far from Patty and Bun if you think you can manage both!)

Watch out New York, London’s catching up with your foodie scene.

lobster roll london-16

It’s the perfect place to while away an afternoon, before a sunset stroll in Soho.

lobster roll london-19

lobster roll london-21

I could certainly get used to winters like this, London!

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  • Oh my god, my jaw just about hit the floor looking at those lobster rolls. They look absolutely sublime! I became addicted to them in NYC, so I’m very glad to see the rest of the world is catching on!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

    • Rosie

      You are going to love it Tessa! Just as good as anything in NYC.
      Though I’m keen to make a trip to Maine and GORGE myself on all things lobster!
      The one thing this place doesn’t have is pots of garlic butter, which would have tipped it over the edge into heaven!

      • Tom Hamlin

        YES! Come to Maine… you will love it!

  • You always discover the most wonderful restaurants in London Rosie. This one looks amazing, I LOVE lobster! Must take a visit in spring.


    • Rosie

      Defo deserves a spot on your list! x

  • Natasha Lancaster

    Absolutely love that skirt – a fabulous look!


    • Rosie

      Thanks Nat! It’s amazingly comfy too… no matter how many lobster rolls you indulge in. 😉

  • fia

    Beautiful pictures, you look gorgeous! 🙂


    • Rosie

      Thanks Fia!

  • Wow that menu is such good value! And there was me thinking Burger and Lobster was pretty good….! Judging by the B&L lobster rolls, I can imagine these ones are pretty fab too….


    • Rosie

      You are going to love it Katie! x

  • Imogen May

    Ohhh this looks beautiful, definitely going to have to try this out (and yes, I reckon I could probably squeeze in patty and bun too). Also, you are so right about never eating out with bloggers haha, I’m awful! It is always the most awkward few minutes fuelled with hanger haha. Blogger lunch dates are the way forward I think! Immy X


    • Rosie

      Lobster roll followed by Patty & Bun sounds like my absolute dream lunch.
      Though I think I’d have to hibernate afterwards. x

  • Loving your outfit in this post, Rosie, especially as I’m a fellow knit-wit!

    • Rosie

      Thanks Lauren! x

  • Just had a new year Londoner session, loving the new blog lay out! And the look of that lobster!


    • Rosie

      So pleased you like it, J! x

  • Dressed with soul

    I can’t shoot such yummy food as here on the Bavarian country side we don’t have such restaurants 🙂 Love this wonderful look so much!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena http://www.dressedwithsoul.com

    • Rosie

      Oh no! Well, I’m sure the gorgeous Bavarian Countryside makes up for it? x

      • Dressed with soul

        Well, I have to admit you are quite right with your assumption 🙂 x

  • Haha!! So true about eating out with a blogger! My friends always look at me with this hungry look while I am snapping away!! 🙂 Looks like a lovely place!!


    • Rosie

      Thankfully this camera is super stealthy and silent! So it’s not quiiite as intrusive as some of the bloggers I’ve lunched with.
      Some literally stand on their chairs with full SLRs just to get an instagram! You have to admire that level of dedication!

      • I embarrassingly had to buy my boyfriend another coffee because I took that long trying to get the best instagram shot! Bless his cotton socks? Which camera do you use? I agree, you have to admire those who make the effort to lug an SLR around- I find my tiny Canon EOS M heavy! 🙂 x

        • Bri

          I’d like to know what camera you use also, Rosie? I love your photos!

  • that place looks fab. cant wait to try it out!

    • Rosie

      Let me know what you think! x

      • will do. If you are about over the next month it would be good to meet you.. I love your work 😉 I’ve got a cocktail tasting lined up at Duck and waffle soon, if you fancy it? Always good to have a fellow foodie lover come along x

  • Shade of Red Blog

    Whooohoooo! Will make my way there asapish.

  • Jeannie C

    And this is how you get full merely from looking at pictures!


  • Rosie

    These are actually from Primark!
    They make these amazing “super cosy” tights with fleecy soft insides. They fall down ALL THE TIME after the first couple of wears, but they’re so cosy it’s worth it! x

    • Brilliant! The fleece lining sounds divine! The weather is super chilly over here in Ireland so they would be perfect! Thanks X

    • Berni

      Hey, I used to love the super cosy tights from Primark, but the falling down thing is really annoying. My friend introduced me to these M&S beauties, http://www.marksandspencer.com/100-denier-heatgen-opaque-tights-1-pair-pack/p/p22188523 and they are amazing and you don’t have to do the ‘pulling up my tights dance every 2 mins!’ highly recommend!

    • Berni

      Hey, I used to love the Primark super cosy tights, but the falling down all the time was ridiculous! My friend introduced me to these beauties, from M&S and they really are great http://www.marksandspencer.com/100-denier-heatgen-opaque-tights-1-pair-pack/p/p22188523 I highly recommend them to stop the ‘my tights are falling down dance!’ x

    • Alice

      I always wear a pair of pants over the top of tights (and obviously the usual pair too underneath), stops them falling down – such a dream.

  • Holy moly. Wish I’d known about this place last week. In the mad rush of Christmas exchanges and sales a lobster roll would have been perfect!

    Hope they stick around.


  • The slow pace

    The place looks delish! Last year we went to Lobster and Burger following your recommendation and we loved it. then we also tried that place next to St. Paul’s and, well, now we will have to pay a visit to this one! I just can’t say no to a good lobster roll!!!
    And your skirt is lovely, by the way!

  • When I was looking at Citymapper the other day I saw this place on the map! I actually saved the name of the place to look it up and I’m SO excited that you blogged about it! I miss lobster rolls (from the US and recently moved to London 5 months ago) and this will hit home 🙂 xx


  • Cherie Tang

    I love how the scarf adds so much texture, lovely outfit! We’re also getting spring like rays up north! x

  • Oh I’m just the same – food always lukewarm as it must be photo’d first! Gorgeous outfit xo
    http://Www.lovedbylaura. com

  • They look too good to eat! I’ve been meaning to try out Lobster Kitchen and Smack Lobster as well! Sigh..so many lobsters, so little time.


  • Mhh… I must find a great spot for a date with the archetype of the London businessman (so that you can understand the type of man…): any ideas? He’s quite picky, I’m afraid. We went to Smiths of Smithfield, Loungelover in Shoreditch and another one that I honestly don’t remember (it was long ago!), but it was French. He just discovered Thai cuisine and loves japanese food, but I wanted something special and new for him as well. I really want this to work. Not italian, as he’s italian too… I also have to find the perfect outfit (I’m coming from Paris, I won’t have a big luggage, only a small trolley for five days)… oh, why is dating so stressful? 😛

  • Outfit perfection. Tartan and glitter makes this Scottish girl very happy.
    Fie x Coffee & Confetti

  • Alice

    I’m allergic to Lobster, but I can’t help but think this looks delicious. Oh, FOMO.


  • Hi Rose,

    Looking beautiful as always. Hope you had a nice, refreshing Christmas break.

    Sorry, I know you probably get this question all the time but I just wanted to check as I’m about to make the plunge into a bridge camera as my SLR is too much for me to lug around when I’m juggling Huxley as well!

    Is it the Sony RX100 you’ve used to take those food photos? The quality is AMAZING.


  • Sarah Taylor

    God this makes me miss London SO MUCH. Looks incredible.


  • Alyssa M

    This looks like a lovely little spot to get a bit, but I spent the entire post being rather jealous that London is feeling like spring! Here in Wisconsin, it’s currently -6F (-21c) and I’m dreading going outside. Oh how I miss London!

  • Wow those look amazing!! I can not imagine a McDonald’s style set up with this kind of food- sounds ever so dreamy! I really need to move to London!


  • The lobster rolls look amazing! And I love your skirt!!


  • Love that skirt! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  • Love your cashmere scarf Rosie! As for the lobster rolls, this place is being bookmarked for my next trip to London, they look sooooooo good!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • That skirt is lovely, and it looks really versatile. You could even dress it up! I’ve been on holiday near the coast for the past week, so I though I’d gotten my seafood fix… until I saw those lobster rolls.

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • ninegrandstudent

    These photos are amazing Rosie, and I have just looked and browsed Chicwish…and fell in love. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Happy New Year lovely!


  • Gabriella Granata

    Wahhh I SO wish someone would open a lobster joint in Manchester!! They look dreamy. Smack Deli is on my list of places to visit when I’m in town. This list is getting pretty long..

    Gaby xx


  • tina stamatakis

    hey londoner! new layout looks good! i can’t find your archives though…

  • Lauren

    your vertical photos are too big on the new site. I can’t see the entire photo on one screen and I have a huge monitor/desktop. It makes reading your blog and looking at all the photos very difficult.

  • I still have to try a lobster roll, always say I have to but never really managed, not in NYC, not in London, not in Madrid…no more excuses, added to my list for my coming trip to London! Thanks for the awesome tip!

    Henar at Wanderwings

  • I may be allergic to shellfish but I would still go for those fries and to try out the beverage dispenser!
    – Mari

  • I wanted to go after seeing Lily Pebbles talk about this, but now I’ll definitely be going out of my way to visit! It looks INCREDIBLE x


  • This place looks divine and I loved your ootd in every pic. You looked like you were having a great time!

  • Yum! Lovely shots and now I’m starving for lobster rolls! Happy New Year,

    xx from LA,


  • Geena

    These look AMAZING and I don’t even like mayo… Hopefully it won’t be too busy if I head down next week, although judging by these comments it’s going to be popular!

  • Chrissabella

    This looks amazing, I love Lobster! Can’t wait to check it out


  • You look absolutely stunning! I’ve somehow never had lobster rolls but they look amazing. Every time you write about them I say, I need to get lobster rolls. Also, I totally agree with your ‘never eat with a blogger’ phrase. Whenever I go out and the food arrives I have to shout “Nobody touch anything!” and then make my way around the table snapping pictures XD

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

  • That looks delicious!!! I just love your outfit too – that skirt is so pretty and the flats are gorgeous. I wish the sun would come back though 🙁

  • Adaleta Avdic

    Lovely post & I am now hungry so I’ll finish my coffee and wait for lunchtime to get some seafood in me! xx, Ada

  • Lucy Birchall

    I’m glad the California Lobster Roll was your favourite as it sounds right up my street, plus a menu that serves courgette fries is a winner in my opinion!
    Can’t wait to try it out at some point soon…

    She’s So Lucy

  • Stunning photos as per Rose, and my mum has to peer on over to salivate at these lobster rolls! I love the shapes of the skirts too, so feminine but playful 🙂

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • My kind of outift, beautiful !

  • mooredanielle

    I haven’t had lobster rolls in years though these photos are certainly making me incredibly hungry for one. I really hope they tasted as good as they looked. You’re just encouraging me to go find a new lobster roll place here in Chicago. A challenge I will happily accept.

    And that outfit is killer! I may be eyeing that skirt pretty solidly.


  • do you mind telling me what kind of camera you were using to shoot the lobster rolls?

  • Oh wow! Those rolls look to die for! Vancouver needs an equivalent to the lobster roll! I wish I could look at delicious food and sparkly shoes all day, every day!

    xoxo Alice Rose

  • omg i have to go there I love new finds. Pics and posts awesome. http://www.beautyjunkkie.com

  • jill friary

    Looks so yummy!!

  • I love this look! I love all the different patterns on the skirt and your sweater is classic!


  • I just discovered lobster rolls this summer and I’ve been obsessed ever since! My favorite place to get them is on the Cape in MA during the summer. They’re super fresh! This place looks so delicious!
    xo, chekara | shadesofchekara.com

  • Unreal. Your scarf – I want!!! The lobster, I want!!

  • I ate so much lobster when I was in Maine I swore them off forever but this post makes me want to change my mind and gobble up that California lobster roll now!



  • Ana Simões

    Happy 2015 Rosie!!
    I don’t know if I’m more in love with your legs or with the restaurant.
    I will be in town in February, so I’ll definitely check it. (the restaurant, not your legs. I’m not creepy)

  • dannifred

    i never fail to be amazed at the quality of your photos, these made me hungry and i don’t even like seafood!

    xx danielle // shadesofdanielle.blogspot.com

  • OH MY. Get me back to London sharpish!


  • Gabby

    Hi Rosie! I am really curious what your shade of blush is here?! It is really perfect for warming up winter skin!

  • I love your shoes and that bag is amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Phoebs

    just curious.. do you think youd ever consider going vegan?

  • You’re making me miss London in Winter / Spring! Food looks divine as always.xo

    hannah bee | a travel and lifestyle blog

  • yummy that food looks good



  • Peppermint Dolly

    The foodage looks sensational! Nom!! I’ll have to bring himself to this place, I think he’d love it!



  • Your hair is just amazing! And you look so happy!


  • I should visit it soon… Food looks amazing!!


  • The Fashion Panda

    Looks like fun and the food looks so so so good! 🙂


  • Wictim

    Holy cow, the food looks amazing! Sitting here, and drooling all over the screen.


  • This is being added to my London food list! Any place which serves Courgette fries is always on my to eat list! Yum 🙂

    Rachel x

    The Inelegant Wench

  • mycitymylondon

    This is a “must go” place ! Yum , love lobsters and the best thing about it is the courgette fries

  • Tom Hamlin

    That is not a proper lobster roll…. too many extra ingredients. The lobster is the star of the show. If you want a true lobster roll, the way they were intended to be made, you have to come to Maine.

  • Jane

    Beautful post! You look amazing and of course the lobster does, too. I really need to visit London again. Miss this city so much. xx

  • Tom Hamlin

    Mmmm.. now THIS is what I’m talking about…

  • How have i never had a lobster roll! Sea-riously. I must be the only one who hasn’t tried one

  • Queenie Lee

    Stunning photos – the food looks delish! xx


  • Ohhhh my god I need to go there today now now now
    So good!!!


    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  • Thank you for sharing this! As a London newbie, I can’t wait to lunch here soon!



  • Louise

    I’m in London untill wednesday, and I decided to have a lobster lunch today.
    It was so delicious, I’m officially hooked on lobster. Dangerous deal, lobster in Denmark is very expensive 🙁

  • GZ

    thoroughly enjoy reading your blog rosie!