Ballin’ in London!

I have a spot of adult-only fun for you to get stuck in to!

There are only a few rules;

1. You have to be a self confessed baller.

And here are the rest:

If you think you can stick to those, whip off your shoes baby!

Doesn’t that look tempting?

It’s all yours.

Don’t be shy, go for a good ol’ leap!

But look out, it might be deeper than you think!

Yep, it’s a gallery sized, grown up, gloriously white, ball pit.

For all your frolicking needs!

“JUMP IN!” is an interactive art installation “that promotes the transformative power of play.”

It’s all about having fun and bringing out your childlike, creative side.

Something we had absolutely no problem getting on board with!

Commissioned by founding partner of Pearlfisher, Karen Welman.

There are over 80,000 balls and anyone is welcome to play with them.

What are you waiting for?

Dive in!

(Don’t actually dive, you’ll break something. I ended up with a pack of frozen peas resting on my knee for the rest of the evening.

…Totally worth it.)

But you can swim, crawl and tunnel your way around the space.

Or just lay back and enjoy the feeling, it’s surprisingly relaxing!

Especially if you go in the evening when they turn the lights out.

The more you wriggle around, the more balls will start to light up and glow.

Gotta catch ’em all!

Play until you’re exhausted! It’s better than any gym workout!

There’s no entrance fee, but everyone who visits is encouraged to donate to Right To Play.

“Right To Play uses the power of sport and play to transform the lives of over one million children every week across Latin America, Africa and Asia. They work in some of the most disadvantaged communities to provide an education, teach vital health skills and promote peaceful communities.”

So you can feel good while having your fun!

As far as I’m concerned it’s the best pop up of the year.

Find them at: Pearlfisher Gallery: 50 Brook Green, W6 7BJ

Opening times: Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm until Friday 13th February.

Bookings: Email to book your slot.

You’ll know you have the right place by the fairy-lights.

Tell a friend immediately and go whenever you can.

Trust me, you’ll have a ball!

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  • That looks amazeballs! (See what I did there?!!) Love it!

    • Rosie

      Girl after my own heart, Laura!

  • This looks incredible. The actual dream for any major baller.
    Will hope they setup in Glasgow.
    I love the minimalistic white as well although having some neon would be cool!
    Fie x Coffee & Confetti

    • Rosie

      Can’t beat a flash of neon!

  • ninegrandstudent

    Oh wow, this looks amazing fun! Your hair is looking particularly stunning at the moment Rosie! X

    • Rosie

      Thank you! I’m booked in for a cut actually, it’s getting a little too much to handle! xx

  • OMG! This is awesome, wish they would also open during the weekend so I could visit! It’s clear that you had some serious fun haha


    • Rosie

      I know, me too!
      It’s in their offices so I can see why they close on Fridays, but I’m sure they could convince someone to hang out one weekend?!

  • My inner child (which is basically just normal me) is screaming at this opportunity! Ball pits are pretty much the greatest invention of all time. I’ve always said they should design soft play areas for adults! xx

    • Rosie

      I say this all the time!! It would be such good exercise too! x

  • This looks such fun. There seems to be lots more interactive installations popping up over the last few months – I’m very pleased about this.

    • Rosie

      I am all over interactive installations! I love anything I can play with… the science museum was pretty much my favourite place as a kid! x

  • Sofie-Eliza Price

    Rosie, this is perhaps the best thing I have ever seen! I’ve already shared it on Facebook to see if anyone wants to come have a ball with me 🙂 Thanks so much.

    • Rosie

      Good thinking Sofie-E! Lemme know if you go! x

  • This looks so much fun! I am definitely going to go, for a great cause too!

    xo, S

    check out my personal and travel blog ♥

    • Rosie

      Tag me on Insta if you check it out S! I’d love to see! x

  • OMG! This looks such a hoot! So fab that the balls light up as well. Love the shot of you holding the lit ball Rosie.

    Hugs Adele xoxo

    • Rosie

      Such a brilliant idea!

  • Courtney

    Now if only pizza were included it would be like a grown-up version of Chuck E. Cheese!!

    • Rosie

      Ermaghad that would be the best restaurant idea ever!

  • Oh wow! This looks like so much fun, I’d love to try this out! I’ll have to add this to my neverending list of things to do next time I’m in London.

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • OMG this place looks like so much fun! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the picture of you diving right in lol (hope your knee is OK though, who knew ball pits were so dangerous ;).

  • Oh my goodness!! The little kid inside me who still wants to play in the Ikea ball pen is jumping up and down in excitement over this. Looks *amazing*!! xxx

  • Looks like literally the most fun an adult could have!

    Lots of love,

  • Rebecca Serra

    Too bad half the people in London who work won’t be able to experience it, looks amazing.

    • Rosie

      I know!
      Apparently people have been going for meetings in the pit, which is just brilliant! I’m sure if enough people ask for a weekend spot they’d give in and host one, surely?


    Sophie xxx

  • Oh my oh my oh my.
    Everything in me thinks this is the best idea ever and just absolutely amazing.
    This is just the best.

  • Now THIS looks much more fun than the play areas of my childhood – much prettier and cleaner! I love the light up effect, if I get down to London by then I might have to scout it out 🙂

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Queenie Lee

    This looks so much fun! xx

  • …Already on my London list 🙂 The best ball game ever <3

    <3 <3 Mahshid مهشید

  • This looks like SO MUCH FUN.

  • How cool is this pop-up?! Now if only I could dive in from here haha 🙂 XX

  • I would LOVE to try that! But I won’t be able to make it to London before it ends – sad times!

  • 10am-5pm? OH man….!

  • That looks like so much fun, and what a great cause!

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • UHM FUN!! Fun and for a good cause I love it! (And it makes of an awesome picture opportunity)


  • This looks super fun!!! Also it’s for a great cause 🙂
    Xo Sophia

  • Ooooh I love these kinds of things!! So often we get caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities of being an adult that we forget what it’s like to be childishly gleeful.

    I recently went on a date night with my husband to a similar place. An indoor trampoline park!! So fun!

    L I F E + 1

  • Raquel Pedroza

    How awesome is that! Your pictures look like the place is a royal play pin, and I want in! Adults should let the children in us come out more often, can you imagine the amount of stress that would reduce? Thank for sharing, LOVE IT!

  • This installation looks amazing! How much fun do you make it look too!? Gorgeous post!

    Sed Bona

  • oh. my. god. I NEED TO GO HERE!!! So much fun!

  • Bella Matten

    I was thinking about buying a mini ball pool for my baby son. I would happily get one of these installed at home if I could! loved the photos on your post. This activity should be mandatory for every adult!

  • Incredi-ball!
    I am going to have to roll on down!

  • That looks like so much fun and I love the fact that it helps such a great cause!

  • Zoe

    This looks like such a blast! I hope the installation travels, or at least more artists and spaces pick up on the idea. The glowing night-time shots look super zen.

    The What’s In Between

  • Thank you so much for sharing this post Rosie – I’ll definitely be checking this out !
    As always, beautiful photos and wonderfully written

    <3 Hayley

  • This looks amazing! Cannot wait to try this place :). ~Danielle (

  • This is so cool, really want to go now! Can you and your friends have it all to yourself or is there others in there with you? x

  • I need to go!! This reminds me so much of my childhood.

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Kelsey Wilburn

    this looks SO amazing!! 🙂

  • Kate

    What fun! It’s always a good idea to let out your inner child!


  • omg love the adult ball pit, but not gonna lie the kiddie ones scare the mess outta me. I can’t help but think what can be lost in those balls and how do they clean them lol, but that my neurotic mind. xoxo

  • omg, that was a ‘real’ dive!! hope nothing was broken..

  • Ugh so sad I’m going to miss this, I don’t get back until the 13th!

    Lauren xx

  • Wow this looks like so much fun!

  • Ahahahaha this is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  • Chrissabella

    God that looks so amazing! Totally reminds me of my childhood!

  • This looks so incrediBALL! 😉 I wish I were in London so I could go!


  • diygou

    Rosie, I am ALWAYS excited when you have a new post! You are undoubtedly one of the loveliest most talented bloggers out there! You have an eye for detail and captivate the viewer with beautiful images. Thank You for such an amazing experience!

  • Anna

    You reminded me of my childhood!! At last, a ball pool for adults!!

  • A dream come true! Shame I’m so far away…they should bring it to Germany ^^

  • Peppermint Dolly

    This looks so fun!!!!!! A must!!


  • Oh my gosh I need this in my life! Devastated I’m so far away 🙁

  • Ashley

    Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! It kind of makes me want to fill up a room at home, haha!

  • A Little Freckle

    This looks amazing! I think they should have more of these around! I bet it really brings out our child-side 🙂

    Love how they glow as well!!

    Great photos, especially the action shots!

    Emma xx

  • Love this! And loved your Pokemon reference!! You always have the most fun adventures!!

    xoxo Alice Rose

  • Amber Rhodes

    This looks awesome! My husband would love this!!

  • This looks amazing- they should start installing these in work places- would be fab for a bit of mid day r&r!


  • This looks too cool!!! We really should have the same installation here in Paris!

  • This looks like so much fun! Wish I lived in London!

    Love Hayley,

    Water Painted Dreams

  • When I got onto the blog this morning I for sure thought I was having a hallucination from all the drugs I’m on fighting this cold, but nope, Rosie is in a pile of white balls. Totally normal.

  • Aretha

    Looks like so much fun! I’m so sad that I no longer receive your posts to my email anymore. I’ve resubcribed several times with no luck. Was this a hiccup with the upgrade of the site?

  • My boyfriend started reading this post and from the pictures demanded we go 🙂 great idea for interactive art 🙂

  • This looks awesome!

  • Looks absolutely amazing. You look adora-ball in the photos !!!


  • Adaleta Avdic

    Punny, punny…I love this! xx, Ada

  • This sounds the best! I bet it would transport you back to childhood in a heartbeat. Those ball pits were incredible fun!
    Thailand travel blog at

  • Katrina Porter

    OMG i need to go, looks amazing!!!


  • !!! Not being allowed to play in ball pits any more is probably the WORST thing about being an adult – I am beside myself that this exists!! It’s at the top of the list for my next visit to London… thanks!

  • It looks so fun, I love to go there. If only I lived closer :] x

    Trill |

  • I want to move back to the UK just so I can partake in the ballin’ antics! Looks so much fun. Great post Rosie!

  • Who wouldn’t want to bounce around in a giant ball pit? What a fantastically great idea!

    ~ Shannon

  • That seems super fun !! Would love to find a place like this lol

    xo Aurora

  • charlotterose.

    This literally looks incredible and has definitely gone on my ‘Places to Go’ list! Amazing!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose