Christmas Gift Guide 2014

I know I’m a teensy bit late this year, but it’s finally here!

My Christmas Gift Guide! Ho ho ho! (Make sure you read that in a deep, rumbling Santa voice.)

This has become one of my favourite parts of Christmas. I love nothing more than buying presents. Getting to write a gift guide feels like I get to buy them for you too!

Obviously I can’t give you the pleasure of unwrapping the gifts themselves, but I hope one or two of the ideas might be what you’ve been hunting for.

The perfect pressies to make your loved ones smile.

And if not? Well, who doesn’t love a spot of window shopping?

With 11 days until Christmas, I suppose we’d better get started…

– Something For The Littles:

1. Knitting dolls to keep idle hands busy! 2. Fearsome slippers

3. Mini accordion – excellent gift for anyone who doesn’t actually live with the little! Ideal from aunts and uncles. Drum kits also an excellent option.

4. Mini country play kitchen 5. Ride on racer (in British racing green) 6. Old school bike

7. Christmas dress (baby girl // little girl // big girl!) 8. Astro onesie

9. Mega den kit 10. Monster stilts


– For The House Proud:

1. Eclectic candle set 2. Honey pot apple (perfect salt cellar for the table)

3. “Home is Where The Gin Is” framed print 4. Retro popcorn maker 5. Garlic roasting dish

6. Willow print tin mug 7. Candy apple Kitchenaid 8. Cashmere throw 9. Winter fragrance set

10. Immortal plant! 11. Sausage dog jug 12. Coffee table books Chanel / Walker / Bond


– For The Wanderer:

1. Limited edition Leica 2. Shhh ear plugs 3. Ted Baker travel set

4. Classic travel case 5. Classic travel case in racing red! 6. iPad air

7. Toiletry bag 8. Go & Do travel set 9. Headphones

10. Lifeproof waterproof case 11. Deep sleep set


– For The Free Spirit:

1. Isabel Marant necklace 2. Tassel kimono 3. Boho bag

4. Felt fedora 5. Wrap around scarf

6. Eclectic tote 7. Set of nomad style books 8. Blanket cape

9. Colouring in map of the world 10. Mexico cookbook (for when they’re dreaming of life in Tulum!) 11. Knuckle duster clutch


– For The Preppy One:

1. Nautical jumper 2. Big book of Louboutins 3. Christmas slippers

4. Classic felt hat 5. Peacock necklace 6. Silk PJs

7. Mulberry shoulder bag 8. Party flats 9. Bling!

10. Waterproof town boots 11. Pearls 12. Country girl mugs 13. Frilly apron 14. Lippy


– For The Foodie:

1. Whisky rocks 2. Camembert baking dish 3. Popping candy

4. Only the best chocolates ever made! 5. Olympia Le Tan chocs 6. Limited edition DP

7. Grown up coffee machine 8. Sloe gin making set 9. Personalised tea mug

10. Fizzy wine 11. Cognac glasses 12. Save the best bits for lunch!


– For The Gent:

1. Brolly 2. Rudolf tie 3. Tie pin 4. Limited edition print

5. Note book 6. Beard book 7. Minty body wash 8. Boys toys book

9. Rugger top 10. Scents of land candle 11. Ray Bans 12. Pocket Square

13. Chips 14. Insults and Comebacks 15. Knit


– For The Techie:

1. Binary key ring 2. Smartphone projector 3. Suitcase speaker (they sell these on Portobello for a fortune!)

4. Kindle book covers 5. Mother (this sounds AWESOME!) 6. Smart watch

7. Touch screen gloves 8. Portable power cord 9. Phone gripper (great for dashboards!)

10. Jawbone 11. Dream camera 12. 3D printer

13. Robot hoover 14. Robot kettle 15. The gift of a good night’s sleep


– For The Beauty Addict:

1. Cowshed winter candle 2. Models Own mani-pedi set 3. Rose gold blower

4. My Burberry fragrance 5. Fig candle 6. Sea salt texturising spray 7. Hand cream

8. Colab gift set 9. Clarasonic face brush (I have this and LOVE it!)

10. Tanya Burr Christmas colours 11. Elemis radiance set 12. Sleepy bath oil 12. Double lash

14. 8 Hour Cream (works on everything from lips to burns) 15. Camera close up cream


– For The Snow Bunny:

1. Safety first! Sexy ski helmet 2. Snow boots 3. Goggles

4. Ray Bans 5. Furry headband to keep those bunny ears warm 6. Best layers on the block

7. Dream ski jacket 8. Double bobble hat 9. Waisted jacket 10. Snow Chance jumper

11. Snuggly scarf 12. Ear muffs


– When only the best will do…

1. Givenchy – Goes with everything, very “in” 2. The classic Mulberry 3. Naughty or Nice? Charlotte Olympia clutch

4. Mulberry tote – will carry a laptop and anything else she needs! 5. Sumptuously soft Gucci, goes with everything, lasts forever 6.Heavenly Saint Laurent

7. A much more festive Saint Laurent 8. New season Anya Hindmarch, for more playful types

9. Checkerboard Marc Jacobs *ahem Father Christmas, if you’re listening… I really like this one!*

10. I don’t even wanna taco ’bout how cool this clutch is! 11. Baby blue Bottega


– For The Customiser:

Anya Hindmarch’s collection of handbag stickers takes customised fashion to new heights! For about £35 you can drag any old leather handbag into next season.

Find different shapes and styles on Net-A-Porter, Matches and AH. They make cracking stocking fillers too!


– For The Host With The Most:

1. Napkin rings 2. Midas touch tea pot 3. Double decker nibble tray

4. Mulling syrup 5. Wine aerator 6. Dinnerwear

7. Wine rack 8. Coffee cups 9. Wine chilling icicle 10. Love pot

11. Diffuser to make the house smell like a dream!

12. Herb crusher 13. Silver frame 14. Mixed set of cocktail glasses


– For The New Blogger:

(Hey, a New Year is a pretty good excuse to start!)

1. Cannon super camera – Used by most of the top bloggers. Shoots beautiful, beautiful photos!

2. Sony mini camera – The one I use! Sometime my snaps look pretty good too.

3. Mac Book Pro 4. Touchscreen laptop

5. Wifi memory card for Instant sharing 6. Regular SD card (the Sony cam already has wifi!)

7. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 8. Adobe Photoshop Elements (just the basics to get started)


– Secret Santas And Stocking Stuffers:

1. Taschen Polaroid book 2. Sweet phone cover 3. Moustaches 4. Bracelet set

5. The Hungover Cookbook 6. Grow your own chillis 7. Secret message mug 8. Rubbers

9. Ron Burgundy flask 10. Beer pong set 11. Sausage dog rubber 12. Subtle socks

13. Tabletop football 14. Piggy bank 15. Key hunter 16. Scout mug

17. FEB cookies 18. Personalised sprouts


– For The Proud Nerd:

A tee or hoodie from these guys should fit the bill! (40% off all day today, too!)


– For the one you really, really love…

You can’t go wrong with Silver May!

Whatever you go with, I’m sure you’ll have a cracking day.

Before you sit down for lunch with your loved ones, consider spreading the love to those less fortunate. Reserve a spot (or as many as you can!) for a homeless person, with Crisis.

For every gift you give, think about throwing in a goat? A dog? Or even a loo!

It’s so easy to make a difference and bring a little cheer to more than just your nearest and dearest.

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  • So many things to love! I wish there was a #7 Christmas dress for me! I used to play with stilts like #10 all the time–what a throw back :’) #11 sausage dog jug is so cute! #8 blanket cape looks so cozy I could sleep in it! Ooh I want to eat #4 red velvet truffles, and I don’t know how to make #8 sloe gin, but I love the containers. Also obsessed with #12 leftovers box. It’s what every college student needs 😛 I think ladies would have fun with #14 Insults and Comebacks too! I want my own #12 3-D printer! #8 double bobble hat is cute, and wow #12 earmuffs are so compact! I AM OBSESSED WITH #10 TACO CLUTCH. But my wallet… -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Me too, I’m totally obsessed with the Taco Clutch! So fun and playful. Thanks for the great tip Rosie.

      Beth x

  • Great picks! Those puntastic rubbers were the cherry on the cake though 🙂 Des |

  • Kate Baxter

    great post rose – thanks! i’ll be ordering a few items for friends and family to finish of their gift bags :). and i’ll check out the charity pages too and see what i can do. i really admire you for encouraging others to share their wealth. and i don’t mean $10k on a handbag wealth.. i mean the stuff we take for granted ‘oh sure i’ll buy this necklace/lipstick i may wear twice for £20’ kinda wealth. i do it. i’m sure we all do. if we can do that, we can donate occasionally too. xxx

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    I have been waiting for this for so long!!


  • Just did my own little gift guide on my blog (first one ever!) but this gives me loads more ideas. Thank you I needed it! (Ps noted your comment on the cameras, your pics are always stunning!)

  • Nadda

    wow!! such an amazing post! all the gifts are so incredibly thoughtful and i love how you split it into categories! i will certainly be bookmarking this page for future reference.
    you can see how much effort has gone into this, great post! xx
    Nadda (

  • Joelle

    No joke, I#ll be pretty disappointed if I open my presents and don’t see the taco purse! What a cool thing! haha


  • Gaby

    Great gift ideas! Going to have a proper read in the morning and get shopping! Thanks Rosie! Xxx

  • This post must have taken you AGES to do! Did you photoshop all of those little photos of everything? Dedication!

    I’ve already done my shopping but lovely ideas for future gifts or birthdays!


  • Can just have an “all” button and hoard it all for myself? Your picks have given me some great ideas!!

  • Wow, I pretty much want everything you’ve just listed! I definitely need to get myself a new camera, and I need that Taco purse in my life!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  • This is such an amazing gift guide. There’s so many things I would love, especially the Frilly apron and the honey pot apple. We bought my mum a Kitchen Aid for her birthday and she loves it! xx

  • Wow! What a fab selection Rosie. You’ve really surpassed yourself this year!

    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Sheila

    This is really great, so many cool picks. Thanks for taking the time!

  • Thanks for the super extensive list! These are great suggestions!

  • I’m pretty certain Santa accepts emailed weblinks these days, right? The elves are pretty tech-savvy? Fingers crossed because I’d like all of the above!!

  • Jennifer

    So many great choices 🙂 The bracelets at the end are my fave


  • The Fashion Horn

    This is great. Love number one and eight for the kiddies!

  • Which software do you use to make your collages?

  • These are some lovely ideas! x

  • People say it sucks when you have a birthday in December! I think I’m lucky enough that my birthday was yesterday so it still leaves a few days till Christmas so people can get me a couple of more things to pop under a Christmas tree. Who doesn’t like getting presents? If you’re interested what I got yesterday…I got some vouchers I can use to ‘request’ a weekend with my other half, a movie in or out, a cooked meal, or going out to the cinema…Cheesy? The best gift ever! And I can use them as many times I want. No terms or conditions! No metres of wasted wrapping paper! (I’m sure I can choose something from your suggestions though! )

  • Peppermint Dolly
  • How perfect is it that you thought of us new bloggers?!

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • Amazing gift guide! Thank you for the inspiration, will come to great use I’m sure of it! Merry Christmas x S.

  • TheWestCoastExplorer

    Hey Rosie,

    I am starting a blog and was wondering if you can give me any advice about how to get people to follow my blog.


  • This is by far the best gift guide I’ve seen this year! I can’t even pick a few favourites, there’s just too many! Although I’m pretty obsessed with those suitcases..

  • Brilliant list Rosie, you have really taken your time with this – thanks you xXx

  • Molly

    obsessed with this whole list! Really, really, insanely in love with the reversible fringe scarf and may have to treat myself! Happy Christmas to me… Also, really wishing there was somebody to help me out with some of the blogger gear! Guess I’ll have to cross my fingers for Santa to pull through! Happy Holidays to you and the Londoner fam!

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    Love the blog post! I would appreciate if you checked out my own review of a pandora bracelet and my own christmas guide =)

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    I love the splurge gift guide!!! Does anyone know how to create the pictures? I really want to use them for my travel blog??

    Danielle xx

  • Crystina Pyper

    This list is amazing! I tried finding a 2015 list and couldn’t. 🙁 I have one to share that is a perfect Christmas gift. Dreamlines’ artist will take wedding photos and create a sketch of the wedding attire. Super neat ideas.

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    Absolutely brilliant list! Thanks a mil for that. Id love to add a website I came across also which has loads of unique high end personalised gifts well worth having a nosey.

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  • Wow, I love so many of these! Great list and so many of them are perfect for quick but thoughtful gifts. We’re moving in a couple of weeks and the holidays are sneaking up on me! I’m excited to try a few of these!

  • Thank you for a great round up of such inspirational ideas.