Old Friends, New Places

They say the best of friends are the ones you can go an age without seeing, and when you’re reunited it’s like nothing has changed.

The past year has certainly put that to the test!

The last time I saw Alexandra, we were shopping for her wedding dress. A year and a bit later, we find ourselves on the other side of the world, laughing and catching up as though it were just last week.

Alex married a Kiwi (I wasn’t there and the dress we chose wasn’t either!) and here we are, making up for lost time.

After such a long time alone it’s natural to panic a bit about the world opening up again.

I was so filled with anxiety coming out of lockdown in London, I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation any more.

But as with most of the things we worry most about, there wasn’t any need. It’s funny how quickly you slip back into your old self.

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We set up camp down beside the creek and played in the shallows all morning long.

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For lunch we had fish ‘n’ chips under pink striped canvas.

On the water’s edge I made a new friend, with two delicious blonde babies around Lily’s age.

They all played together while we all babbled like long lost friends, agreeing on almost everything all at once. One of those funny moments that feels like you were in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

I keep seeing a quote everywhere I go that says “You have yet to meet everyone you will love.” and it’s really given me such a wonderful perspective on our adventures and making new friends along the way.

I’ve written in the past about making friends as an adult, and now it really feels more important than ever to just say hello and see where things go. It’s been a lonely year, after all.

After such a light lunch we felt we deserved a little afternoon treat.

The most delicious carrot cake blondies, piled high with rich icing and a puddle of salted caramel.

Lily graced us with an afternoon nap, leaving us grown-ups footloose and fancy free.

Wat’er wonderful day!

Thank heavens for old friends and new ones alike.

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