Brunch at Republique, LA

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The first thing I do when visiting somewhere new, is to ask you for your advice.

You’re a well travelled lot, sprinkled all over the world and you have the most exquisite taste (I mean, why else would you be following me?!) so I know I can trust your judgement.

No sooner had I touched down in Los Angeles than the suggestions for places to eat came flooding in. The most mentioned? Republique.

So off we trotted!

When we arrived there was a queue stretching out of the door and along the block. If I wasn’t starving I’d have turned right around and gone somewhere else, but we joined the masses and chatted away to strangers who quickly became friends.

The crowd is eclectic, people from all walks of life and plenty of beautiful LA types, videoing their every move.

We crawled along side the patisserie case, wiping away drool as we went.

Beautiful French pastries.

Extremely cheeky looking donuts.

One s’more….

And epic looking sandwiches.

We placed our order and shuffled into the main hall to find a pew.

As always, I couldn’t resist over ordering.

We went for the shakshuka.

A spectacular take on a classic and fresh version of everyone’s favourite. Tart tomato sauce coddling unctuous oozing eggs, topped with crispy kale and surprisingly, fresh mint.

Eggs royale with jalapeño hollandaise on buttery brioche.

Need I say more?

A lobster omelette that wasn’t really worth writing home about, and that was it. Until I asked our server if there was anything spectacular we shouldn’t miss and she said “oh, the french toast! It’s Martha Stewart’s favourite!”

You know me and my iron will.

Hand for scale 

I’ve never been a huge fan of french toast.

That all changed on that fateful day.

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It’s quite simply one of the best plates of food I’ve eaten in a very long time.

Which is incredible for something that looks so simple, I know. But trust me on this one, it needs to slip right to the very top of your to-eat list. Slathered in syrup, obviously.

All in all, a pretty spectacular brunch! Thanks to you.

Keep those tips coming, and I’ll keep on truckin’ through ’em!

À votre santé (a French toast to keep you going in the meantime.) 

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