Packing for a Summer Holiday

One thing I’ve learned from my travelling circus of a life, is how to pack.

How to pack quickly and efficiently, with minimal stress or crumpling of dresses and squishing of hats.  (Unpacking is another matter entirely, once home I’ve been known to leave full suitcases untouched for months!)

I used to be a terrible over-packer, taking everything but the kitchen sink… just incase. I mean, given half a chance my hand luggage would look something like this:

But I’ve learned that taking too much is more of a hinderance than a help.

You end up with a floordrobe spread across your hotel room, with nothing to wear.

So now I’m more selective.

I’m all about maximising time on holiday.

I’d much rather do leg-work before I get somewhere so I can enjoy myself fully in the moment.

Everyone can relate to The Grinch not being able to find anything to wear…

…this is my worst case scenario.

I hate trying on outfits under pressure (especially when it’s hot!), you’re making everyone wait and you’re all going to be late. But somehow even though you’ve brought your entire wardrobe with you, nothing works!

Naturally you end up wearing the first thing you tried on, but now you’re flustered and annoyed.

I’d really rather avoid that entire nightmare, sit down with a nice glass of wine and take it easy. Slip on something I know works, and enjoy every precious moment of the trip.


By being a little more strategic with my packing.

Find looks that go together before you pack them.

You can try them on (a must if they’re new, never pack anything you haven’t tried on once!) or just flatlay them.

Take a snap on your phone.

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And move onto the next look.

Don’t put anything into a case yet, just put it all to one side.

That way you can mix and match the same accessories with different outfits.

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This particular trip is going to be very hot and pretty relaxed, so I’m taking lots of summery dresses, flats, floppy hats and baskets.

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When I’m happy that I have enough looks to last the trip, I save them into a folder on my phone.

Then when I have to get ready for, let’s say a special dinner, I can sit beside the pool until the last minute, take a shower, smother myself in moisturiser, stretch out on the bed with a drink and flip through outfits like Cher Horowitz.

And because we’ve recycled the accessories with each look, I can easily switch things up on the day, because everything goes with everything.

I know what you’re thinking, that lot is never going to fit into one suitcase.

Pack it in, you!

Start with turning the bags into Russian Dolls.

Pop the shoes into the bottom of the case.

Putting as many as possible at the end with the wheels, as it’ll make it easier to manage/balance throughout the airport.

^ The fold up Longchamp bag at the top there is great for taking if you think you may do some shopping, as it unfolds into a suitcase that you can check in on the way home.

One basket goes into the empty space, stuffed with my makeup bag so it can’t be crushed.

Then clothes go in, leaving a hollow in the middle.

This is where your hats come in!

Stacked on top of each other, they fit into nest perfectly.

If they came with a hat protector, pop that in. Then fill with bikinis.

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Place folded clothes on top and secure.

Leaving the other side for the rest of the accessories.

Use the space around them for chargers, hair+beauty products, undies and knick-knacks.

Zip it up and you’re done.

Just don’t pack too early or you’ll have time to second guess yourself and throw extras in!

So what do you think?

Am I onto something or just a total basket case?

Will you give the outfit prep a go for your next trip?

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