Winter Skincare Checklist

This time of year can play havoc with your skin.

One second you’re drenched, the next frozen, the next you’re desperately trying to remove layers in a steamy coffee shop.

The sun won’t be back for months and without a little care we all risk looking like Uncle Fester with a hangover.

Don’t panic! Help is at hand. You just need a few essentials in your arsenal.

  1. A great cleanser. The basis of great skincare is a nice, clean canvas. Something to whisk the makeup away and shake off the day. I swear by SC’s Rapid Radiance Cleanse, a little goes a very long way. Massage it onto skin, splash with a little water and rub into a lather (good lord this part smells so good, you’ll swear you’re in a spa) and either splash away or use the reusable cleansing mitts for a deeper clean. It’ll remove most makeup, unless you’re wearing waterproof mascara.
  2. In which case you need a great makeup remover. YSL’s expert remover works wonders with no rubbing away or blurry oiled eyes.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid. Don’t worry, it’s not the scary sort of acid. When we’re young our own bodies produce it in abundance, it’s what keeps our skin moist and plump. As we age we stop producing it and things go south from there. From your mid twenties onwards, this is an essential part of your skincare regime. If you’re just starting out and aren’t ready to invest too heavily, go for The Ordinary’s option. It’s about a fiver and is a great starter. If you take your skin seriously then you should go for Advanced Night Repair, slathering this onto my face is one of my greatest pleasures!
  4. A good moisturiser. Obviously this’ll depend on your skin type & budget. For a great all rounder at a reasonable price point, you can’t beat Olay. If you have dry skin or just want a really great deep moisturiser for winter, I love Face Base from BB – full of minerals and makes makeup glide on seamlessly. If your skin is a little oilier, try Day Wear – beautifully light and moisturising without being heavy. If money’s no object, it has to be La Mer – this one for oily skin, this one for dry.
  5. If the grey is getting you down and you fancy a splash of colour, this fake tan is so easy to apply and gives a really beautiful, natural glow. It’s safe to use in pregnancy, so I applied before heading to Cyprus and was thrilled with the results!
  6. I don’t really want to go into makeup, or we’ll be here all day… but I recently swapped my foundation for this and I love it. So light, so natural, I apply it with a brush after my moisturiser and it’s a bit like an Instagram filter for your face. Perfect for when you don’t want a full on look.
  7. When you want a real spoiling, you’ve had a few late nights or haven’t been feeling yourself, there’s nothing quite like snuggling down with a movie and a sheet mask. I know you’ll think I’m obsessed with her, but Sarah Chapman’s are spectacular. They come soaked in an insanely generous amount of serum, leave you looking years younger and feeling utterly refreshed. A complete luxury, but so worth it.
  8. Finally, one more little luxury that isn’t strictly necessary but oh so wonderful. A rose quartz roller. The ultimate indulgence, a rolling crystal to push all of that good stuff deep into your skin. It cools as it rolls, de-puffs, boosts circulation and radiates healing energy (if you’re into crystals you’ll know all about rose quartz’s super powers, if not… well it feels really good and helps you absorb your moisturiser!) Don’t buy a cheap one, they don’t last and roll with the most infuriating squeak before rusting up all together.

Just a handful of winners that’ll have you back to your glowing self in no time.

Remember to stay hydrated, water is the ultimate beauty secret after all. Stay warm and try and get outdoors for a good stroll as much as possible. Fresh air works wonders for your skin, health and mental wellbeing.

Basically, take care of yourself! You deserve a good spoiling.

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