Back in Amsterdam

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This little Dutch baby of ours is in Holland for the first time!

I sure do hope (s)he likes the taste of pancakes, because I am living on them. Well, those and Pepernoten (little Christmas biscuits).

We’re here for a very exciting reason indeed. The Film Festival in Amsterdam kicked off a few days ago, and we’re here to show my husband’s new film. It’s a documentary he produced, directed by the wonderful Errol Morris about the arguably less wonderful Steve Bannon, called American Dharma.

It’s proven to be rather controversial so has been great fun to visit the film festivals around the world, seeing how people react. The Dutch have been living with the worrying rise of the far right for some time, so seem to be the most excited about the film that opens up the psyche behind one of the puppeteers behind those in power (and those seeking it!)

Sadly the tickets for all of the showings sold out very quickly, but when it’s released world wide I shall give you a heads up.

For us it’s extra exciting because this is PJ’s home town, so to show the film here feels extra special. Friends and family joined us for the premiere last night, so we got to toast to him and the bump together.

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We wont be back before the baby’s born so we’re making the most of catching up with the grandparents, who (unlike my parents who are seasoned pros by now) are “first time grandparents” so it’s especially exciting! Nibbling our way through all of the restaurants (I’m still hungry all.the.time.) And making the most of this glorious winter sunshine.

I may go a little slower than I did pre-pregnancy, but I’m trying to make the most of every moment we have together before the next chapter begins.

Next time we’re here, our party of two will be three!

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