When you’re happy on the inside, it shines through on the outside.

The best way to feel fit, healthy and happy on the inside? Start with your diet, don’t “go on a diet” (you know how I feel about those), just make better choices.

Starting the day with a breakfast to set you up for the day, give you the fuel you need, and in this particular case, have real long term effects.

Another of my pro-biotic stuffed thickshakes, designed to recolonise your gut, leaving you less bloated, craving less junk, feeling better, happier.

People tell you to “trust your gut” because it’s in constant conversation with your brain, and to simplify a very complex system, if your gut’s not happy – your mind won’t be either. There’s a reason doctors call it our Second Brain.

And when breakfast looks and tastes this good…

…you won’t want to skip it or trade it for even the stickiest of pastries.

Trust me, you’ll be hooked from the first slurp.

Here’s what you’ll need your shopping basket –

Per person –

1 sachet of VSL3 probiotics

1 frozen green banana (less sugar than ripe ones, and the starch is better food for the probiotics)

2 handfuls of fresh strawberries

250ml Ryazhenka (baked kefir, or use regular kefir if you can’t get it)

1 fig, date or prune (great for fibre and adds a little extra sweetness)

I’ve made no secret of my love for VSL3 over the last year, in fact if you sit still long enough in London don’t be surprised if I slide up next to you to extol its virtues!

The world’s most concentrated source of good bacteria, designed to re-colonise your gut and banish the bad bacteria for good.

I told you a little while ago about my happy gut chocolate smoothie and how it changed my life, since then have been overjoyed by the response from my readers who’ve seen the same change in their own. Every comment and note letting me know how different they feel, how much better, fitter, happier, has been a gift. Every single one made my day, and they’re still pouring in every week. So thank you for the joy.

Imagine my surprise to hear that you’d also been sharing them with VSL3, who have now asked me to be an official ambassador and sponsored this summery version of my original recipe. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to work on such an authentic partnership, so thank you for that too!

The only real prep involved in this recipe is to freeze your bananas. Do this on Sunday evening and you’ll be sorted for the week.

Pop a bananas worth into a blender with your fig.

Top with 450 billion good bacteria.

Your strawberries.

Baked kefir (smoother and a little less sour than regular kefir, which works well as the cream for your strawberries).

The live cultures will feed your new happy colony of gut bacteria.

Blend until smooth and serve immediately.

^ I like to keep my smoothie glass in the freezer to add to the “shake” experience!

Pop in a reusable straw, garnish if you’re feeling fancy.

And slurp away to your heart’s content.

Being good to yourself never tasted this good!

Do something today that future you will thank you for. Get online & order your VSL3 right now before you forget. Next month drop me a little note & tell me how you feel. I’m already looking forward to it…

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