Lazy Days, Mykonos

Days at our villa on the Santa Marina estate tended to start pretty leisurely.

A little dip, a little nibble.

Before dressing and trotting down the hundred stone steps to breakfast.

And much needed pick-me-ups!

After breakfast we would descend onto the beautiful private beach.

And with almost German efficiency (almost) would choose our sunbeds for the day.

Something close to the water’s edge for frequent cooling dips.

Only undertaken in the most elegant and refined style, you understand.

The water in the bay, and in Mykonos in general, is just so spectacularly clear, blue and refreshing.

Glittering fish swim around your feet and its easy to while away an entire day just wallowing in the shallows.

And partaking in other important pursuits, like shell collecting.

Evil eye bracelets by Alex.

We’d have lunch on the shore.

And take long chatty walks up and down the water’s edge.

Only slipping into something other than a swimsuit come sunset.

White halter dress // Jumpsuit of dreams

And each sunset in Greece must be celebrated!

We’d order cocktails or bubbles and make for the hotel pool to watch the show.

In comfort!

And there we’d stay.

Lounging, still chattering away about anything and everything.

Very happy, lazy lizards. Content after a day in the sea.

Just breathing in the most beautiful place and every shade of the sunset.

Before heading into Mykonos town for a little dancing or just some tzatziki!

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