My Office, Mykonos

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have a bit of a new approach to blogging.

And when I say new, I mean old.

I’ve gone back to my original ethos –

Perfection is overrated.

Blog about your life – don’t make your life about the blog.

Snap away as things are happening – then put your camera away and enjoy the moment.

Don’t stand around scrolling through your shots – treat the digital camera like a film one – just assume there’s a nice pic in there and get on with life!

A picture’s worth a thousand words, let them tell the story.

Man, it feels good to be back. I feel like I let the pressure of perfection get to me for a while, I let the negativity of nasty comments seep into my feelings about blogging and didn’t want to put anything up that wasn’t “perfect”. But I’ve loved my quick, simple, daily blogs on this trip. I’ve loved writing them, I’ve loved sharing them and I’ve loved our conversations about them. It’s been like having you along with me!

A holiday with a million or so of my closest friends!

Generally I would wake up pretty early, about 7 or 8am and head for the closest coffee.

Then I’d start writing before the day truly began.

Find some comfortable spot and send out my love letters to the universe.

Eventually Valentina would swan up in something glamorous and join me.

And wherever we were, I’d make my office.

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V would lounge.

I’d write.

Helped enormously by my shiny new toy, which I never imagined would inspire so many questions!

It’s the HP Spectre 13, aka the world’s thinnest touchscreen laptop.

Light as a feather, 4k screen (so perfect for my purposes!), 8hrs of battery life and super fast charging.

A travel writer’s dream.

And you know we love a light white number!

Having posted my musings, we’d inevitably head for a cool down.

Before stretching out together and listening to music, on the Bang and Olufsen speakers no less.

The ultimate travel companion.

Even for those pesky “urgent” emails you seem to have to deal with on even the most relaxed of holidays!

I thoroughly recommend the Spectre 13 for anyone looking for a brilliant, light laptop that’ll slip into a handbag or a beachbag!

HP sponsored this post, but as you well know – my opinion is not for sale and I would never recommend anything I didn’t truly adore. This piece of kit is a game changer and has allowed me to fall back in love with blogging, for which I am eternally grateful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them!

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