There is so much more to Notting Hill than the packed Portobello Road Market and yummy-mummy highway that is Westbourne Grove.

If you want to get back to Notting Hill’s routes, get a little extra flavour, some art, some soul, then stroll yourself right to the end of Portobello Road and turn onto Golborne Road. It’ll feel like stepping into a whole new world.

And like all the best adventures, this one starts with a good breakfast.

Served up on this occasion by the Danes.

In a very pretty little Danish café called Snaps + Rye.

A particular treat for those missing their Scandinavian homeland…

…and a welcome culinary journey for the rest of us!

There’s breakfast, lunch and dinner on offer. But I’m a particular fan of a smorgasbord style brunch.

Open-topped sandwiches, known as Smørrebrød, are perfect for nibbling and sharing between friends.

The porridge is t-oat-ally delicious, and topped with a sweet, zingy fruit compote.

There’s kedgeree that tastes every bit as good as my grandma’s used to.

Beautifully scrambled eggs with wild salmon.

And then of course there’s The Full Danish – Bacon, Liquorice Syrup, Hog’s Pudding, Spinach, Tomatoes, Pickled Mushroom, Bloody Viking Ketchup.

A rainbow hued feast, fit for a viking!

The coffee’s pretty quaffable too.

You can stroll in and grab a table on a weekday, but come Friday, Saturday and Sunday you’ll want to book.

And you really should go on Friday, as it’s when Golborne Rd really comes to life.


A little market sprawls out across the pavements and into the road.

You won’t be able to resist having a look, noone can…

You’ll find everything from Moroccan carpets, to vintage dresses, furniture to shoes.

Besides the stalls there are shops and cafés for popping into.

Some of which have been open almost a hundred years, so it’s quite a humbling experience.

Striped mac // Disco bag

Blue&White scarf // White jumper

Skinny jeans // Espadrilles

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I fell particularly in love with a little flower stall run by a girl called Holly.

She specialises in growing, living ornaments. All in pretty containers and all incredibly reasonably priced.

You can find her at the market or drop her a message on Instagram if you want something specific.

Then, should you need a little pick me up, take a stroll on down to Pearl and Groove.

A little bakery specialising in gluten free, refined sugar free, and dairy free cakes.

Not that you’d know from the look of ’em, or the taste!

The perfect way to spend a sunny morning in Notting Hill.

Happy adventuring!

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