Frieze Festival is the highlight of many an art lover’s calendar.

Held all over the world, it’s an opportunity to see some of the world’s finest art, pieces from up ‘n’ comers most have never heard of, and a horizon broadening experience for everyone who visits.

If you have a spare 10mil or so burning a hole in your wallet, some of the hippest art dealers in the world are on hand and ready to relieve you of your black card for a moment and deliver your new pride and joy to the house in Monaco, The Hamptons or Ibiza.

For everyone else, it’s the ultimate place to window shop and people watch.

The festival is huge. It sprawls out across London and would take you at least a couple of days to see it all.

But you’d have fun trying!

You’re free to wonder between displays from some of the world’s finest galleries, all of which are totally unique.

Some of the work is light hearted, some political and some gets pretty heavy in places…

It’s a great place to discover young new artists, up and comers and really get a good view of the future.

Stop off at Gails for a spot of breakfast, take a break for lunch at Petersham Nurseries and grab an afternoon drink at The Chess Club.

If the weather stays fine, make the most of it and explore a little of Regents Park.

You never know who you’ll run into!

Julia’s coat

Fendi bag // Heeled boots

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Wool & velvet polka-dot coat

Silk poloneck // Black jeans

Prada bag // Velvet slippers

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Julia commented on my new Manolos which meant I had the immense pleasure of spilling the beans that they’re actually not Manolos at all and are in fact a total bargain!

Black velvet versions here – I also got these ones

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Prada Astrology Bag

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We stopped off on our stroll through the golden park for a much needed catch up.

Wittering away having not seen each other in what felt like an age!

The happiest coincidence before our upcoming weekend adventures together!

I thoroughly recommend a trip to Frieze should you find yourself footloose and fancy free in London this weekend, or any time before it closes on Wednesday 8th October.

Tickets are still available and it’s the perfect day out for any art lover.

Just be sure not to leaf without a quick visit to the park in all its autumnal glory!

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