I have something of an unusual brunch spot for you today.

It’s not new as such, quite the opposite in fact, but it may have skipped your attention.

A gem hiding in plain sight.

Not especially fancy, I’d go for jeans and comfy shoes if I were you.

Somewhat in love with these velvet slip on loafers.

Retro white sunnies

Pineapple print silk shirt

Skinny jeans

Pink Chanel bag

Pink velvet shoes (UK/US)

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If you fancy a little something to do one day in London, perhaps you have an afternoon off, a gap between meetings, a friend visiting from afar or you just want something to do when it’s pouring with rain, follow me…

Into one of London’s most beautiful time capsules.

Hertford House.

More widely known as The Wallace Collection, the collection of art which it houses.

Room after room of 18th century paintings, old masters, sculpture, furniture and oddities.

Lesser known than some of London’s other museums, you can wander the rooms and halls almost completely alone.

Each room even more jaw droppingly opulent than the last.

Silk wallpapers, wall-to-wall gold and more velvet than any hip new member’s club.

Here you can truly take your time, get up close with the art, inspect every brush stroke.

Or just marvel at the architecture.

Imagine the parties they would have had in here…

The scenes that have unfolded in here over the years…

How this must have looked with real candles flickering, setting the crystals alight…

Every corner hides some new secret.

This chap even lurks below one of the staircases…

The little details are really quite staggering.

And when you’ve had your fill of art for the morning, head into the courtyard.


Which just so happens to be the most marvellous shade of pink!

With its glass ceiling there’s no better place to hide from a drizzly summer day.

Brunch is not elaborate, but very good.


Avocado toast with poached eggs and a side of fruit fits the bill nicely.

As does a proper latte, made by the friendliest staff.

The perfect place to take visiting friends or mum if she’s around.

You can book a table or just show up, all the info’s online here.

The perfect spot to add to your collection.

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