Roussillon, Provence

Roussillon is quite simply one of the most beautiful and extraordinary villages I have ever visited.

It may not be far from Gordes, but in other ways they are worlds apart.

Firstly, unlike the famous Gordes, no-one I’ve spoken to has even heard of Rousillon. Secondly, while Gordes is carved from beautiful golden sandstone, Rousillon is entirely pink!

A village sprinkled on top of a rolling hill covered in lavender, built in every shade of pink you can imagine.

From the palest shade of iced rosé…

…to deeper Tuscan tones.

The little town is awash with colour.

Provencal blue shutters mirror the sky above, making it feel as though you’re wandering through an old painting.

Dolce sunnies (half price!)

Blue spotty dress

Braided leather belt // Round basket bag

Rockstud sandals

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We strolled through the warm pink streets, taking in shops, galleries and pretty cafes stretching out across the pavements.

I even found my dream house and will be moving in immediately.

Someone had better tell the mayor!

Even the church is pink!

Life in the little commune centres around the rosy square, complete with little restaurants spilling out into the middle.

You should sit and grab a drink (may I suggest a rosé?!) before climbing up to the church and surrounding view of The Luberon.


The churches here are prettier from the outside…


…but you should still head up there to see the townhouses and shops.

Cool off a little in the shade of a cyprus tree, then race back down the hill.

Under the broken clock tower.

Through the pretty streets.

In search of refreshment.

Which you can (and should) take with you while you explore the rest.

As you might have guessed, Rousillon sits on a goldmine of Ochre.

As you head out of town, this will start to become clearer and clearer.

In the 18th century the textile industry had an insatiable need for ochre pigments, and so the ochre mining town of Rousillon boomed.

You can still visit the old factories, or take a walk through the quarries.

Rich in minerals (particularly iron) the earth here really has to be seen to be believed.

Ranging from deep rusty reds to blinding yellow, it feels like stepping onto another planet.

After one final look back at the pretty pink hilltop town, we set off.

Only to pull over as soon we reached the valley floor and saw this stretch out before us…

A meadow of wild flowers, undisturbed but for the buzzing of bees at work.

We pulled a rug from the back of the car, spread it out in a little soft patch of grass and snuggled down for a snooze.

Wild Swimming’s great and all, but have you tried Wild Snoozing?

I think it’s set to be the next big thing. Watch this space.

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