Exploring Salzburg

With one last day to explore Salzburg, there was no way two Brits were going to let a little weather get in the way.

We wrapped up against the icy wind, snagged a couple of umbrellas and left the Schloss for the city.

Making a beeline for the most Wes Anderson of breakfast spots…

Café Bazar in all its pink wedding cake glory, looking over the river to Salzburg’s old town.

Home to some of the best coffee in town, and the very best eggs.

Served soft boiled, peeled and in a cup…

…so you can add butter, salt, pepper and dunk your toast.

Something I will undoubtably have to recreate at home!

Just the thing to warm us up for a day of exploring. We started at the nearby Mirabell Palace.

Built by a prince as a love token for his mistress.

Which was nice of him.

Famed for its remarkable gardens and collection of sculptures, we didn’t really get to see it at its very best.

The snow underfoot and sleet falling from the grey sky didn’t exactly inspire any Sound of Music style leaping on fountains.

But the impressive design and romantic sense of winter desertion still worked their magic.

And who could possibly resist a good crunch through untouched snow in their boots?

Bee necklace

Shearling coat (also in camel + pink) // Handbag

Nordic jumper (also in a rather gorgeous pink)

Trousers // Boots

As the weather took a turn for the worse we took shelter in Salzburg’s beloved cathedral.

Paid a visit to Kapitelplatz (Chapter Square).

And ambled through the pretty painted streets of Salzburg.

Stopping in for lunch at the cosy Blue Goose.

Skip through the stark cafeteria and head to the right, where you’ll find a wonderful restaurant with vaulted ceilings and a cracking menu.

The light is terrible so forgive my poor picture, I just can’t live with myself if I don’t recommend what was quite simply the best dish I’ve had in a very long time.

Jerusalem artichoke ravioli with truffle.

I would return to Salzburg for many reasons, but this would be up there at the top!


The Blue Goose also just happens to be on Salzburg’s most famous shopping street, Getreidegasse.

Well, it would have been rude for us not to have made the most of it, right?

Salzburg offers up a surprisingly good shopping selection.

With everything from Prada to artisan cheese shops.

^ This place is amazing if you’re a cheese lover. Be sure to pop in.

Both mum and I were utterly charmed by the Austrian national pride and continued use of their national costume.

Adults and children from every walk of life wearing their dirndl and lederhosen with pride.

I feel I must apologise to my future children in advance, because these are definitely happening…

With all my travels my family will probably end up looking like the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland!

Let’s hope it builds character.

Together mum and I shopped the length and breadth of the city.

From little shops to big ones and everything inbetween.

I only narrowly stopped her from buying every cuckoo shop on sale.

You’re welcome, dad.

For tea we went to Konditorei Fürst.

A pretty pink patisserie and inventor of the Mozart Ball.

What’s a Mozart Ball?

A blob of pistachio marzipan wrapped in a layer of nougat, all covered with chocolate.

They are sinfully delicious.

Invented by Furst in 1890 (you could say he got there furst…) and named after you-know-who, they’re an Austrian classic.

I’m sure this is sacrilege, but in my opinion the ones you can buy in the SPAR shop on Getreidegasse are actually better. *Ducks below desk to avoid Austrian horror*

We stocked up on all sorts of local specialities (we did particularly well in that cheese shop, hellooo truffle brie!), wine, bread and a good selection of Mozart balls.

Took the haul home to The Schloss for a bed-picnic while watching Amadeus – the director’s cut, no less.

The perfect end to our time in Salzburg and a much needed rest before the next leg of our Austrian adventure.


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