Make Ahead Smoothies

This is great little tip going into the new year.

A “Life Hack” if you will.

Because if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself going on a health kick with the best of intentions and then life will get in the way. Things will come up, you’ll be short on time and before you know it you’ll be grabbing a muffin and calling it breakfast again. Worst of all? All that lovely healthy stuff you bought will go to waste leaving you not just disapointed that you couldn’t keep up the healthy eating but cross with yourself for letting food spoil.

Well! Good news. I have a way around all of that.

Make ahead smoothies.

First up, go wild. Buy all of your favourite fruits and veggies, if it looks good or smells good or simply tickles your pickle… buy it!

Safe in the knowledge it’s not going to go to waste.

You’ll also need to invest in some zip-lock freezer bags.

Good quality, medium sized ones.

Chop up your fruit and veg and split it all into bags. I’m making enough for two, but you could easily do individual ones.

You want a good heaped double handful of stuff in each bag.

Squeeze in a little citrus for freshness.

Seal ’em up, lay them flat so they don’t freeze in one unusable hunk.

And pop them in the freezer! (Preferably flat.)

Now every morning, you’ll have a ready made, super fresh, thick and cold smoothie – ready to go!

Take a sealed bag out, drop it onto the table from a good height to break up all the bits.

Pour into your blender, add some liquid – your favourite nut milk, juice or water and blitz.

Pour into a to-go cup and you’re good to head out!

The fruit will keep in the freezer for a month or two, so really you’ve got no excuses not to stick with healthy breakfasts until at least Valentines day – when a box of chocolates is a perfectly acceptable breakfast option.

Fill your desk draw, handbag or satchel with healthy snacks like nuts (not the honey roasted kind) and you’ll feel a million dollars by the end of the month.

If you need a little more inspo, check out The Anti-Diet and I’ll try and throw a few more healthy (but bloody delicious) recipes your way soon.

Come on, we can do this. This is our year!

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