I’m pretty excited to share this little tidbit.

Can you tell?

Dip and Flip -1

First, the outfit.

Short sleeve shirt // Skinny jeans

Fringe bag // Backless loafers

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Dip and Flip -2


The burger! (Vegetarians you’ll want to look away now.)

I know calling anything “London’s anythingest” is usually a load of rubbish just designed to get you to click onto someone’s website, but honestly I really have found the city’s filthiest burger.

There’s really no other way to describe it!

Let me show you around.

Dip and Flip -3

Welcome to Dip & Flip, in Battersea.

Dip and Flip -4

Even the decor teases and hints at what’s to come.

Dip and Flip -5

Prepare yourself for the main event.

The Dip & Flip Burger.

Dip and Flip -6

A double cheeseburger topped with sliced roast beef swimming in gravy.

Ketchup, mustard, pickles and slaw.

Clean and lean, it ain’t.

Dip and Flip -7

A meat lover’s dream, it’s rich, messy and very, very good.

Dip and Flip -8

Served with cheesy chips.

Dip and Flip -9

Just picking up the beast is work in itself!

Dip and Flip -10

Don’t wear long sleeves, don’t take a new date!

This is an experience only to be shared with your most trusted nearest and dearest, because you’re going to make a proper mess of it!

Dip and Flip -11

^ Extra gravy for dipping.

Dip and Flip -12

When you’re done you’re going to need a shower to clean off, somewhere to put your feet up and spare time for a nap.

Dip and Flip -13

Having caught our breath we danced off into the sunshine to find a spot in Battersea park to do just that.

Dip and Flip -14

There are a few Dip & Flips around town; Battersea, Wimbledon, Brixton & Tooting to be exact.

Find them here, no bookings.

It may not be a thing of beauty, but it is flipping good!

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