Three cheers for the mini heatwave!

London is glorious right now.

You know the rules, when the sun shines you make the most of it. And there really is no better way to celebrate than with bubbly gelato cocktails.

These babies are quick and easy as anything…

Gelato Cocktails-1

In each glass you’ll want:

1 scoop of Italian sorbet

1 shot of vodka or gin

Half a glass of prosecco

You can use whatever sorbet you prefer, I got mine from these guys. Just make sure it’s cold and fruity!

Pop a scoop into a glass, pour over a measure of party spirit.

Gelato Cocktails-2

And fill with bubbles.

Gelato Cocktails-3

Gelato Cocktails-5

Serve with straws for stirring and slurping, and maybe a few ice cream wafer cigars for nibbling.

Gelato Cocktails-6

Told you they were easy!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous summer evening.

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