Blu Top Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s said that blue is the colour of business.

It’s serious, trust worthy, powerful.

You know The Apprentice? There’s an integral member of the production team who’s job it is just to make sure there’s enough blue in every shot. Those over-saturated blue eyes you see in the boardroom? Yep, down to him.

Why? Because blue is important.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-1

How wonderfully fitting then, that we would have our first taste of something so whimsical, so silly, so wonderfully unimportant, beneath the imposing blue buildings of London’s financial hub; The City.

Welcome to the Blu Top ice-cream sandwich van!

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-2

They make their own ice-cream, their own cookies, their own toppings and serve them up in a bewildering array of delicious combinations.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-3

Unable to decide, Tania and I went for four of their favourites.

The boys lined them up, with a curious queue of city chaps peering over our shoulders asking what we were getting.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-4

Pretzels were layered, chocolate covered peanuts sprinkled, and lashings of salted caramel poured.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-5

We settled up (worth noting that you can pay on a card – even an Amex(!) for those too lazy to find a cash machine) and walked away with quite the haul!

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-6

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-7

A well balanced lunch.

Very well balanced, I didn’t drop a single one.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-8

Black shades

Cream blazer // Black cami

Family Tree pendant

Skinny jeans // Prada tote

Sandals (similar)

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Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-9

We took our seats in the shadow of London’s towering Gherkin.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-10

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-11

And tucked into our feast.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-13

Double choco cookies, honey and rosemary ice cream, salted pretzels.

An unbelievable combo. Light, fresh ice cream, sweet with the honey, singing together with the salty pretzels. Also the best cookie flavour, if you ask me.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-14

Cinnamon Snickerdoodle cookies, vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate peanuts.

Tania’s fave.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-15

One red velvet cookie, one double chocolate. Caramelized white chocolate ice cream, salted caramel.

I mean come on, of course it was good!

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-16

Brown butter choc chip cookies, rice crispy ice cream (made with milk from a bowl of rice crispies + marshmallow sauce + puffed rice) and salted caramel.

The special of the day, if I could have eaten it in one bite, I would have!

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-18

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-19

We bagged a seat in the most surreal of London landscapes, along with the rest of the world on their lunch hour.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-17

Being an ice cream van, Blu Top does move around a bit.

Thursday + Friday: Kerb : King’s Cross 11am – 2pm (head for the street food market outside the West India Quay)

Saturday: Druid St Market 9am-3pm

On this ocassion they strayed and set up at The Gherkin, so perhaps follow along on Instagram for where they’ll be next.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in London-20

Silver May rose quartz ring

Get out there, find them this summer and get sticky!

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