Lupulo, NYC

Despite all of New York’s glorious sunshine during the day, the temperature plummeted at night!

Meaning we’d have to wrap up warm if we wanted to head out to supper.

Lupulo NYC-1

Lupulo NYC-2

Which of course we did!

If you’re not going to graze your way around the city you really shouldn’t go! It would be a crime.

Lupulo NYC-3

Dressed somewhat like an old school detective out to solve such crimes…

Lupulo NYC-4

Blue scarf // Camel split coat // Blue jeans

Black Choo heels // Black Chanel bag // Black leather gloves

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Lupulo NYC-5

We popped over to Lupulo, a Portuguese restaurant near the Empire State.

Lupulo NYC-6

A lively little place with fresh seafood and classic Portuguese flavours.

Lupulo NYC-7

Lupulo NYC-8

We started, as all great stories do, with cocktails.

Lupulo NYC-9

And then shared everything we could manage.

The red prawns we’d specifically chosen the restaurant for, had sold out before we arrived. Crushed but hungry, we happily tucked into what we were given.

Lupulo NYC-10

Beautiful ceviche in tiger’s milk.

Lupulo NYC-11

And a smorgasbord of other goodies.

Lupulo NYC-12

Clams in a fragrant white wine broth (if this is up your street, give my very easy recipe a go!), perfect for mopping up with crusty bread.

Lupulo NYC-13

Man eating shrimp in porridge.

Lupulo NYC-14

Snails in spicy garlic oil.

Lupulo NYC-15

Epic Brussels sprouts! I’ve had a bit of a thing for sprouts lately. Very odd as I’ve hated them all my life!

There’s just something about them when they go all charred and crispy.


Lupulo NYC-1

We sat side by side, happily making our way through a shared supper and waving for more drinks.

We laughed a lot and rested against each other’s shoulders as we talked.

There’s something very romantic about eating up at the bar.

We did so in London on our second date, and I’m pretty sure that’s when we fell in love. Bonding over shared dreams, an outdated sense of humor (mine) and a passion for trying everything on a menu!

That was at Barrafina, my top date pick in London.

Lupulo doesn’t quite measure up, but it tries and is still a lovely spot in the city.

Plus Barrafina doesn’t have these

Lupulo NYC-2

Homemade doughnuts, still hot from the fryer, with salted caramel and passion fruit dipping sauces.

Lupulo NYC-3

All polished off with the classic Portuguese treat, warm custard tarts.

After supper we stumbled, laughing, out into the street. He put his coat over my shoulders, hailed a yellow cab and I fell asleep in the backseat on the way home.

The perfect date night with my perfect gentleman.

New York you were a total dream, sorry I didn’t get to blog quite as much as usual, but I’ll be back very soon indeed!

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