Prawn On The Lawn, London

I still have lots of Tulum content coming your way, but this place is just too irresistible to wait for!

Yesterday the girls and I finally tried out a restaurant that’s been on my radar for a very long time.

Prawn On The Lawn.

From the outside you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s nothing more than a little, local fishmongers…

Prawn on The Lawn-1

Albeit a good one, with one hell of a window display.

Prawn on The Lawn-2

Prawn on The Lawn-3

Prawn on The Lawn-4

But there’s something fishy going on in this joint.

Chalkboard menus hint at something very special indeed.

Prawn on The Lawn-5

A teeny tiny fish restaurant, with barrels for tables and a wine collection to die for.

Prawn on The Lawn-6

We pulled up a few wobbly stools and asked the waitress for whatever’s good.

Her answer?

Everything’s good!

Fine by us, we settled in for the long haul.

Prawn on The Lawn-7

Starting with oysters three ways.

Prawn on The Lawn-8

Coconut, lime and chilli.

Prawn on The Lawn-9

Dill and pickled cucumber.

Prawn on The Lawn-10

Creme Fraiche and salmon caviar

All wolfed down in the blink of an eye and quickly followed by Scallop Ceviche.

Prawn on The Lawn-11

Plump slices of raw scallop, in a passion fruit, citrussy, spicy bath, topped with fresh green herbs.

One of the most beautifully balanced, exceptional dishes I’ve ever had in London.

Prawn on The Lawn-12

Burratta with heirloom tomatoes, nuts and anchovies.

I’d never have put anchovies with buratta, but the creaminess blends so beautifully with the salty, sharp taste of the little fish.

Prawn on The Lawn-13

We sipped on Mar De Frades bubbly; not quite champagne, not quite prosecco. Very light, fresh and easy to drink.

Prawn on The Lawn-14

The suprise dish of the day came in the form of a side salad – not something I ever thought I’d say!

Something of a dark horse, this baby gem lettuce is heaped in Grana Padano and drowned in white truffle oil. An unusual combination that had us all reaching for more, while swatting the other’s hands away!

Prawn on The Lawn-15

The beetroot cured salmon with fennel salad and horseradish cream.

As tasty as it is pretty.

Prawn on The Lawn-16

The restaurant’s namesake; Prawn On The Lawn. Prawns on avocado, on toast.

Sadly the least exciting of all the dishes, let down by the bread itself. I’d skip this next time.

Prawn on The Lawn-17

The seared tuna with soy dressing however, is a triumph.

Very nearly raw, top quality tuna, dressed in chilli, herbs and a salty bath. Refreshing and satisfying all at once!

Prawn on The Lawn-18

I really feel this photo of the split langoustines speaks for itself…

Prawn on The Lawn-19


Prawn on The Lawn-20

Beautiful squid, not in the least bit rubbery or dull.

Prawn on The Lawn-21

Hake in a hot, spicy, curry style soup.

Warming, comforting, very spoonable.

Prawn on The Lawn-22

Blue silk shirt (new, and I love it!)

Black belt // Skinny jeans

Black boots

Prawn on The Lawn-23

Prawn on The Lawn-24

Salmon sashimi with crispy rice noodles. As good as anything you’ll find in a Mayfair sushi house.

All polished off with the wickedest of puddings.

Prawn on The Lawn-25

A whole pot of salted caramel, still runny and perfectly gooey.

With a side of afogato; Italian ice cream and espresso shots.

Prawn on The Lawn-26

Prawn on The Lawn-27

We scooped up salted caramel, shovelled the coffee and ice-cream on top and devoured them together.

The entire meal lasted a good few hours, included endless eye-rolls, ooohs and ahhs, and we all left incredibly happy and very satisfied.

I really, really can’t recommend a trip enough!

Fab for a friendly lunch, or a very cool date – we all agreed we’d be impressed by any chap who brought us here.

Find them in Islington. You can book a table (quite the rarity in London); Website here.

Tues-Sat 3pm-6pm you can even pop in for oysters at £1 a pop!

Oh and there’s one in Padstow, too. Just in case you’re all Stein’d out.

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