The very best thing about being home is being able to cook up my own breakfasts again!

Don’t get me wrong, I love trying different things on holiday and hotel breakfasts… but no-one, and I mean no-one does your eggs quite the way you like ’em.

Only you know how to do them properly, and sometimes you just want to be at home, sit at your kitchen table and tuck into a good brekkie.

These goat’s cheese scrambled eggs are terribly easy, feel like something a little bit special and taste out of this world!

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-1

They only take about 10mins to whip up, and you can pile them on top of buttered toast or have them as they are for a lighter version.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-2

Topped with salty, zingy capers it’s a marriage of rich creamy flavours with an Italian twist.

To serve two you’ll need:

6 eggs (I like these ones)

Knob of butter

Half a round of goat’s cheese (this sort of thing)

Salt + pepper


Toast (optional)

Pop a nonstick pan onto a medium heat, add your butter and let it melt gently.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-3

Crack in your eggs.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-4

Quickly whisk them up and add a pinch of salt along with a good few grinds of fresh black pepper.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-5

Keep stirring it now and then with your whisk, and cut up your goat’s cheese.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-6

Save half and wrap it up to go into the fridge.

Chop the half you’re using into chunks.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-7

Don’t put it in right away!

Keep stirring your eggs, cooking them gently. (Pop your bread on to toast!)

Once it looks like it’s starting to come together, but still a little too wet to serve… add your cheese.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-8

Stir it in and keep cooking slowly until they’re done to your liking.

Pour onto plates and serve with fresh coffee or good hot tea.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-9

Nibble away, use your fork as a pusher and your toast like a hot buttery spoon.

Goat's Cheese Scrambled Eggs-11

A very simple, very special little breakfast.

Give it a go this weekend; I think you’ll find it eggstraordinary!

Ps. For the blue & white china – Americans click here, Brits click here.

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