Croquet & Coffee, Napa Valley

On our final morning in Napa, we rolled out of bed as the morning mists rolled down from the hills.

The grounds glittered with frosty dew and we roamed the deserted Meadowood estate, making the most of having the place to ourselves.

Meadowood Napa-3

Meadowood Napa-4

Meadowood Napa-5

Meadowood Napa-2

With a crisp breeze and the morning moon glowing over the pines,

Meadowood Napa-6

we popped in to warm up beside the crackling fire.

Meadowood Napa-7

Where it felt very festive indeed!

Meadowood Napa-8

Meadowood Napa-9

Meadowood Napa-10

Meadowood Napa-11

Meadowood Napa-12

We helped ourselves to spiced cider and gingerbread cookies.

Meadowood Napa-13

As always, in our matching Silver May Sparklers!

Fire for me, Rose for Jules.

Meadowood Napa-14

We walked through the woods, in search of breakfast.

Meadowood Napa-15

Meadowood Napa-16

Meadowood Napa-17

Feasting on all manner of eggs, bacon and avocado, sipping hot tea and nibbling on berries with local honey.

By the time we headed outside, the lawns had thawed and were begging to be played with!

Meadowood Napa-18

Meadowood Napa-19

The boys went in search of sporting equipment, leaving Jules and I to amuse ourselves.

Meadowood Napa-20

Meadowood Napa-21

Meadowood Napa-22

Meadowood Napa-23

We posed for our team picture, to place above the mantle back home.

But as always, totally failed to keep our composure!

Meadowood Napa-24

Meadowood Napa-25

Button up grey coat (bit of a bargain) // Green velvet dress

Black smoking slippers (similar)

Pink coat // Floral dress

Ballet pumps

Meadowood Napa-26

Meadowood Napa-27

Our furious, Alice in Wonderland minus the flamingos game began.

Meadowood Napa-28

I can’t even remember who won, but for argument’s sake, let’s say it was me!

After gentlemanly handshakes all round, we strolled through the grounds and headed to the nearest town, Saint Helena.

Meadowood Napa-29

Meadowood Napa-30

Meadowood Napa-31

St Helena is a glorious little postcard of a town.

With a main street lined with flaming trees, traffic consisting seemingly solely of pastel painted Ford trucks and glittering fire engines.

Meadowood Napa-33

The people nod and great you with a cheery good morning and “Happy Holidays” as they pass.

And there’s even good coffee!

Meadowood Napa-34

Meadowood Napa-35

We dipped in and out of the shops, finding gifts for family back home.

Meadowood Napa-36

Meadowood Napa-37

Meadowood Napa-38

Meadowood Napa-39

Little towns, mountains, lakes, cities, beaches.

There’s so much of America to explore, you couldn’t possibly fit it all in one lifetime.

Meadowood Napa-40

But I’m going to give it a good go!

See you again soon, California.

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