Over The Rainbow, Florence

After a long, beautiful day roaming Florence, the girls and I toasted the setting sun from the rooftop of The Continentale.

luisaviaroma party-1

Before racing back to our own hotels to get spruced up.

Put away the sandals of the day and slip on a pair of heels, ready to party!

A party kicking off at Luisaviaroma and the unveiling of their rainbow theme.

luisaviaroma party-2

I was treated to a little private snoop of the newly made over store.

luisaviaroma party-3

A feast for the eyes and heaven for my inner child (who was never allowed Barbies or My Little Ponies).

luisaviaroma party-4

luisaviaroma party-5

luisaviaroma party-6

luisaviaroma party-7

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luisaviaroma party-8

After all those years of thinking there would be gold at the end of the rainbow, I found shoes!

luisaviaroma party-9

But really, isn’t that basically the same thing?

The second part of the evening was all laid out at the Santo Spirito church.

luisaviaroma party-10

An endless table, lit by flickering candlelight, stretching away along the arches.

luisaviaroma party-11

Which inspired more than a couple of Instagrams!

luisaviaroma party-12


The stone clad halls were filled with the sound of merriment.

Chattering, laughing guests and clattering heels.

We couldn’t help but sneak off an explore.

luisaviaroma party-13

luisaviaroma party-14

luisaviaroma party-15

I felt rather at home in my liquid marble dress!

luisaviaroma party-16

Marble dress

Black fringe bag // Black heels

Constellation necklace

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luisaviaroma party-17

luisaviaroma party-18

luisaviaroma party-19

Inside we stumbled across (or a cross!) one of Michelangelo’s first sculptures.

luisaviaroma party-20

The priest of Santo Spirito came out to tell us a little of the place’s history and soul.

luisaviaroma party-21

He took a small, humble bow as he finished and we were shepherded outside again.

Into the warm evening air and the garden of singing cicadas.

luisaviaroma party-22

luisaviaroma party-23

luisaviaroma party-24

luisaviaroma party-25

luisaviaroma party-26

We found our seats and settled in for supper.


luisaviaroma party-27

luisaviaroma party-28

Starting with the most exceptional of dishes.

Cold pressed local tomatoes, topped with pesto and Tuscan mozzarella.

Wildly simple, but truly special.

luisaviaroma party-29

Course after course emerged from the makeshift kitchen.

We partied late into the evening and shared a great deal of wonderful Italian wine.

I think Luisaviaroma may well have thrown my dream dinner party!

And I’m going to recreate that starter as soon as humanly possible.


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