The Ivy Garden, Chelsea

A new restaurant in Chelsea is something people get very excited about.

In the hipper parts of London, the East, Soho, Brixton, restaurants pop up like mushrooms over night. There’s always a new pizza place, a burger joint, or a green juicery setting up shop.

In Chelsea things happen a little slower, the rents are astronomical so opening here is serious business. But with the well heeled, time rich, hungry, (very thirsty!) crowd, restaurateurs can win big.

Especially if they bring something new. Something that’s been missing.

Like a stonking big garden where punters can revel in the sunshine all afternoon with a jug of Pimms, for example!

Next time you’re wandering the streets of Chelsea or shopping on the Kings Road, I’ve got just the place for you.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-1

The Ivy’s new garden just opened and it’s basically paradise.

You’re led through the bustling restaurant and out into the sunshine. Sumptuous striped cushions surround every table and you weave your way through to find yours.

The crowd of city boys, yummy mummies and Made in Chelsea* types look up to eye whoever walks by.

*If you’re not from Britain, it’s a TV show. A bit like “Real Housewives of wherever”.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-2

Since our adventures in actual paradise, I’ve been keen not to let this one get away! So she stayed with me in London for a little while.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-3

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-5

The menu is pretty all-encompassing.

You can have breakfast until 11.30, very civilised.

And then things move on to the All Day menu; Tuna Carpaccio, Crispy Duck Salad, Seared Scallops, Fish & Chips, Lobster Pasta, Steak & Chips, Chicken Salad, Suckling Pig belly, Spring Risotto, etc.

With Cream Teas served from 3.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-6

The Tuna Carpaccio, raw yellowfin tuna with spiced avocado, lime, crème fraîche and coriander shoots.

Light, fresh, utterly delicious.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-7

Warm seared scallops , pink grapefruit and soused fennel salad, with a citrus dressing.

Plump, rich scallops paired with the sharp grapefruit… just excellent.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-8

Couple of cheeky cocktails, to celebrate the sunshine!

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-9

But things really got exciting when the main haul arrived!

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-10

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-11

Sautéed tiger prawns with ginger and chilli, grilled sweetcorn salad.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-12

Zucchini fritti (a bit disappointingly limp and floury as it happens), buttered kale & spinach, and truffle parmesan fries to share.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-13

Mum’s lemon sole.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-14

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-15

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-16

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-17

Resulting in two very happy campers.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-18

Who after just one more glass of wine, convinced each other that pudding might actually fit after all!

So shared the Chocolate bombe and Lemon meringue Alaska.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-19

Melting chocolate bombe with milk foam, vanilla ice cream and honeycomb centre with hot salted caramel sauce

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-20

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-21

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-22

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-23

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-24

Baked meringue with lemon ice cream, lemon curd sauce and baby basil.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-25

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-26

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-27

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-28

We chatted and nibbled until we were almost the only ones left, save for a pair of boozing estate agents (who, seeing as Chelsea is the smallest of ponds, were old friends of mine who came over to join us!)

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-29

The Ivy Garden is exactly what Chelsea needed, and is sure to be a roaring success.

Be sure to book ahead and order the top cocktail on the list, it’s the best.

Inspired by our tipsy property chaps, we strolled off for a little of my favourite game; Dream House Hunting.

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-30

I think it’s fair to say, I found The One!



Chicwish skirt

(I’ve told you about these guys before, they do gorgeous retro styles and feminine cuts)

Pink linen shirt // Cashmere cardigan (40% off) // Pink boaters

Prada tote // Silver May bangle

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-32

The Ivy Garden Chelsea-33

Here’s hoping for many more new things in Chelsea.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and (chel)sea what happens!


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