Valentine’s Day is almost upon us!

For lots of couples that means an expensive night out at a fancy restaurant, candle light, wine lists and a long drive home.

But I have a better idea!

Let’s all just stay in, have supper at home, snuggle up on the sofa (or in bed) and demolish one of these babies…

A Slutty Brownie Sundae!

Layers of warm, gooey brownie, cookie dough, Oreos, ice-cream, pecans, tangy raspberries, and frothy whipped cream.

Pure unadulterated filth.

Delve right down to the bottom for the good stuff.

Right. You’ll need:

Slutty Brownies*

Ice cream

Whipped cream


Extra Oreos

Nuts (I like pecans)

Large glass/large jar/small vase?

*NB. Slutty Brownies are so called because they’re incredibly naughty and very, very easy. They’re not the sort you take home to Mother, and as such are made with packet mixes. I’ve heard people call from-scratch-brownie/from-scratch-cookiedough sandwiches “Slutty Brownies” and seeing as I coined the term, I thought I’d better straighten this out! Those are not Slutty. They are, no doubt, delicious! But they’re a bit fancy, (and still undeniably filthy) so if anything they’re Wifey Brownies. If you’re more of the Wifey type, you can substitute my original Slutty Brownie recipe with Gabby’s

Anyway, knock up your preferred brownie batch!

Leave to cool a little.

Slice into hunks of badness.

Marvel at their gorgeousness!

Roughly chop your nuts.

Then your Oreos.

Add a layer of nuts & cookies to your Sundae jar.

Pop a warm Slutty Brownie in. (If the batch isn’t warm when you come to serve, just zap in the microwave for a min.)

Add a scoop or two of ice-cream.

A cloud of cream.

Throw in a couple of raspberries and another Slutty Brownie!

Top with more ice-cream.

More berries.

Oh go on then! Another Slutty Brownie!

Push it all down a bit and top with one last scoop of ice-cream (if you can!)

Tower with whipped cream!

Dust with crushed toppings.

Don’t be afraid to make a mess, you naughty thing.

Watch the warm brownie slowly melt the creamy ice cream as it runs in rivers down the side of the cold glass…

Dive in!

Designed to be served with two spoons. Give one to your lover, your BFF or even your Mum! (Mum’s are always secretly Slutty deep down, those little minxes.)

Turn the lights down low, light your best candles, sip on a bottle of bubbly and congratulate yourselves on avoiding the Valentines crowds!

Plus, with all the money you’ve saved you could always splash out on pressies!

I have a few ideas.

You could always send this post to your loved one and say “OMG, we have to make this on V-Day!”… they’ll be lured in by the brownies and then I’ll subtly hint to them that perhaps you’d like one of the below?

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Boom! Teamwork makes the dream work.

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