Theesh are delishush.

No really, they’re really, really tashty.

But, fair warning, they may leave you with a bit of a brain freeze and a few slurred words… sorry, shlurred wordsh.


They’re the simplest thing in the world to whizz up.

In fact you could say they’re “easy peasy lemon squeezy!”, and you should because it will make your guests groan and roll their eyes, which is always good!

Half fill a blender with ice.

Top it up with lemon sorbet.

Then slosh in a good amount of vodka, gin or a good tequila (I leave it up to you).

Turn it on, baby!

You might have to jiggle and stir a little to get it all mixed up nicely.

When you’re done either serve right away or pop it into the freezer until you’re ready to slurp!

Serve with a peel of lemon if you’re feelin’ fancy.

Clonk your glasses together, toast to the weather and enjoy!

Blimey, that frosty glass deserves a close up, doesn’t it?

If you make them be sure to shnap a pic and tag me on Inshtagram, or pop it on my Facebook wall.

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When life gives you lemons, make cocktails!

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