Day to Night with Nicole X Missguided

The beauty that is Nicole Scherzinger has been working like a little beaver to launch her new collection with Missguided.

After months of drawings, designs, samples and toil… it’s finally ready.

Missguided asked if they could commission a post to see how I would style one of Nicole’s new pieces.

I jumped at the opportunity (especially as it would mean getting a preview!) and just couldn’t help myself, I had to style it twice.

I chose a dress that was way outta my comfort zone and took it from day to night.

First up; the ultra demure, butter wouldn’t melt, working-shopping-lunching look.

Slipping a cashmere jumper over the top means you can pretty much get away with this anywhere!

Custard couldn’t resist joining in and showing me how to pose up a storm…

Gazing off into the distance with the wind in our fur… I mean hair.

So, once you’ve done your 1950’s housewifing for the day you can Superman into your night-time look…

Whip off the jumper, grab your stilettos and Scherzinger that hair, baby!

Who would know that under all that pastel sweetness there was a tiger ready to roar her way into the party?

It’s a much “cooler” style than I usually wear & I like that.

It makes me feel a little Fifth Element-y and wicked!

But we all know I’m really not that cool!

The new collection is pretty Sch-amazing and very Sch-exy. Check out the other pieces here, I’ve popped a couple of my favourites below.

I suppose if you read the post backwards then it would suggest taking a jumper with you to the party, so no-one would know if you didn’t go to bed…

This dress really must be doing wicked things to my head!

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