Chelsea Capers

I am quite frankly desperate for Spring to arrive.

The run up to Christmas was all fine and dandy, it was exciting, there was shopping to be done, we had something to look forward to & most importantly there were fairy lights everywhere.

January passed in a sort of grey haze. I don’t think I did much more than stay in, cook for friends & creep out now and then to the occasional date.

February however is a different matter. I’m much more optimistic about this little month.

Firstly, it’s my Birthmonth (yes, I’m going to try and see if I can milk my birthday for an entire month) and secondly it’s the last little bit before we can all finally start hoping for, thinking & talking about Spring!

Before I dive head-first into all the pastel coloured, petal hued Springtime fashions, I’m keeping it Parisian in all black e’rything.

Ripped jeans are da bomb if you want a cheeky little flash of leg, without freezing your tail off. They stop an outfit looking too preppy-perfect & just add a kiss of badness.

Mine are Ridleys. They’re the most slimming, comfortable pair of trousers I have ever worn. They pull in your waist, slim & lengthen legs & pert up your bottom. Don’t tell anyone, but I plan on buying them in every colour available! (Rip free versions here, if you’re a little bit fancy.)

I have a passionate love affair with all things striped, Prada bags & French Sole ballet slippers (which, by the way, are frequently half price on The Outnet).

All wrapped up in a cashmere cape (similar) and huge sunglasses, so I can pretend to be French.

While most people’s health-kick fired up on January first… mine had a minor delay.

The old “why bother, I can just buy a bigger jumper” floated, good-naturedly in my mind as I tucked into my burger(s)… but now I concede that perhaps I should treat myself to a few more vegetables.

Thankfully The Good Life Eatery has popped into my life at just the right time.

It’s an LA style café (all bare brick walls, coffees & kale) in the heart of Chelsea. I have become completely obsessed, along with every girl I know (I’ve yet to see a man at any of the tables – great place to pick up ladies, boys!).

They sell cold pressed juices that you can slurp inside or take away with you.

Everything comes in handled jars (I told you it was very LA)…

They have a great brunch menu but I visit for their salads.

This corker in particular:

It’s the chopped salad with chicken, bacon, tomato & I add extra avocado.

Everything is better with extra avocado.

Washed down with a slightly less angelic bowl of coffee.

If you feel like upping your veg content, pay them a visit. The website doesn’t work, but you’ll find them here.

Apologies if the blog wasn’t terribly exciting during January… I’ve found the spring in my step again now!

This month is going to be a whole different story.

I hope you’ll come along with me!

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