Kinder Bueno Ice Cream

The idea for this ice-cream came, like most good ideas, from The Internet.

I pinned a picture of Kinder Bueno ice-cream from an ice-cream shop. I found it on Tumblr, where it maddeningly had no source, no story, no address & no recipe.

“To the Google machine!’ I cried, fist held in the air.

No help. Apparently Kinder Bueno ice-cream isn’t really a thing.

Well it is now!

Just look at it…

Fancy a spoonful?

Of course you do, cheeky.

I used an ice-cream maker. My mum’s Italian gelato machine, actually.

You could try it without, I’ll pop some added instructions in, but the ingredients are still the same:

50g hazelnut paste (or make your own)

250g Alpro hazelnut milk

4 egg yolks

100g caster sugar

150g double/heavy cream

100g Nutella

4 Kinder Bueno bars

Warm 2-3 tsp milk use to dilute hazelnut paste, in another bowl beat the yolks lightly with the sugar. Mix in your diluted hazelnut paste, stir well. Mix in remaining milk and cream, pour into icecream maker. Churn until lightly frozen. While it’s churning, very gently heat your Nutella, so it’s a little more pourable. *

When the mixture has turned to soft ice-cream, drizzle your molten Nutella over the top in ribbons, as it continues to churn. Crunch up 2 of your Buenos, chuck those in too.

Leave to finish, our ice-cream maker takes about 30mins, but yours may differ.

* If you don’t have an ice-cream maker you’ll want to pour the mix into a metal container & put it in the freezer. Return every 30mins to beat the hell out of it, really break up any ice that forms to make sure it comes out smooth. When it’s softly frozen, pour over your molten Nutella & broken Bueno bars & swirl them in. Return to the freezer, it should take about 2-3hrs until it’s ready.

When it’s done you can either pop it into an airtight container in the deep freeze until you’re ready, or greedy little piglets (like me) will want to dive straight in.

To serve, drizzle a little more Nutella over the top & your remaining Kinder bars.

Dig in!

Rather than idividual portions, I served mine in one great big bowl & gave everyone a spoon.

We sat cross legged in the garden, enjoying the Spring sunshine & grinning like over indulged children.

Austin Powers fans will of course want to prepare their best “It’s a bit nutty” lines…

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