Belle Of The Ball

It’s prom season, apparently.

Once you leave school this season ceases to exist in your calendar. It’s replaced with all sorts of boring things.

But I understand that if you’re at school right now it’s the most important, exciting thing on your calendar. A much needed treat to sweeten exam season. The perfect way to say goodbye to your friends before disappearing off into the world. A right of passage. And really just a serious excuse to dress up & take a bajillion pictures!

I’ve gotten so many emails from girls wanting prom dress advice that I’ve given in!

Prom season is firmly back on my calendar, so here are a few little dress, hair & beauty ideas to give you a bit of a leg up.

This backless gown (£30) from ASOS is timeless, glamorous & totally covered up to your neck at the front so your dad wont mind (maybe wear a jacket to leave the house if he’s strict!).

A pretty, loose fishtail braid keeps the look young, relaxed & not too “Oscar Ceremony-ish”. Light makeup & big Bambi lashes courtesy of MM will keep you fresh & wide-eyed in the photos.

If short & swishy is more your style, this little number is dreamy. Just under £100 from ASOS it’s the perfect dancing dress. Big bouncy curls add a touch of glamour & Benefit’s lip & cheek blush is perfect to pop in your clutch.

I’ve had my eye on this dress (£70) from Topshop since it first came out. It also just happens to be the ultimate prom dress! Demure, pretty & classic. I’d wear a little flick of navy blue NARS eyeliner to draw the colour up & make your eyes pop. Gentle beach waves make it a little more modern & young.

I love the shape of this dress (£90 ASOS) & it’s something you could totally only get away with at prom! It’ll make your waist look teeny tiny & the bell skirt will give you seriously long, slender legs. I think hair tied back, away from the lace would look prettiest.

I call this the “Daddy’s Girl” look. It’s sweet, innocent, beautiful… and pretty pricey! If daddy’s splurging on your prom dress, you can’t go wrong with this beauty from Alice & Olivia. Pretty, whispy braids a la Sienna & NARS blush are just the cherry on top!

Now… if I was going to prom this summer *sigh*… I’d wear this dress from Needle n Thread. You have to watch the video to see how beautifully this dress moves! The beaded details & the shape at the back just have my heart all of a flutter! I’d leave my hair clean, wavy & light & add pink lips from Tom Ford.

I’d get ready with the girls at my house, listen to music, jump on the bed & pretend not to care about the boys who were going.

When we’d applied our finishing touches we’d sashay downstairs to mum who’d be looking tearful & clutching a camera.

We’d laugh, smile & pose before dad would get impatient & drag us off to the car… ready to head off into the night.

Hey, I can dream.

I’m going home this weekend so I’m going to try and dig out an old photo from my leavers ball. I’d LOVE to see some of your prom pics & stories!

Whatever you wear girls, don’t take the evening too seriously. Enjoy yourself & do not get drunk! Seriously, you have your whole adult life to get tipsy, you do not want to throw up on one of your teachers or, more importantly, your pretty new dress!

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