Oliver Spencer Show

Apologies for being MIA this week.

I’ve been running around to shows & meetings & haven’t had a chance to sit down with you.

Yesterday afternoon was one of my favourite menswear designer’s shows, I got to go with my good friend Freddie so it only seemed right that share it with you too!

Fashion shows are a lot like having your school picture taken.

There’s a lot of waiting around & chattering, then you sit down, it all starts and is over very quickly, then everyone gets up for more chattering and milling around.

The only real differences are that there’s a bar & everyone is rather beautiful. Which is nice.

The Sorting Office is one of my favourite spaces, especially the cavernous ground floor, made even more fabulous with giant OS spectacles.

The bar was stocked with beer, coconut water & caramel popcorn (which, predictably, no-one ate).

How do I always manage to look like such a nerd at these things?

Freddie looked significantly cooler.

Tweed is going to be huge next autumn so the paps went wild for him.

This little girl was the only one with the courage to do what we were all thinking! Eventually we took our seats & the show began.

Boys, if you’re wondering what you should be wearing next winter, go for bold “old man coats”, felt, tweed and snuggly hats in forest green, mustard & burgundy.

A handlebar moustache wouldn’t go astray either.

Visit Oliver Spencer’s website here .

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